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I was really excited for this months crate because they said Blizzard items, I have genuine love for Blizzard and their games, like last Rolo kind of love! Yeah you know what I am talking about, we all have that one game or franchise or company like that. Loot Crate is one of mine too, and they have been pretty awesome these last few weeks, subscribers were given the chance to give a few friends/family their first crate for free and we were given a chance to get our first LVLUP at a discounted price, which I did, because I obviously need to try it, though a little too late for this month but I went for the accessories LVLUP, so I can’t wait for that next month, especially since I now know that the theme is Galaxy!

Anyway, this month’s theme was Combat and it was full of awesome goodies, so lets have a look at them.

EXCLUSIVE Cute But Deadly Magnet Set (Blizzard Entertainment)

‘This special set includes 11 magnets of Blizzard Entertainment’s most memorable villains including Kerrigan, Arthas and Diablo’

These are so freakin’ cute,so cute! The magnets pop out of the backing easily and attach and hold pretty well to my fridge and they look great.

Cute But Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figures (Blizzard Entertainment)

‘While they thrive on chaos and evil, these legendary, pint sized villains sure are cute! Highly detailed from head to toe, these 2.5 inch figures showcase video gaming baddies from Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft. Be on the lookout for our very special orange Merloc as he’s a Loot Crate exclusive!’

We got Kerrigan! Look how badass she is! I want all of these now but I reeeeeally, reeeeeally want Sylvanas. It’s a good quality vinyl figure and it comes with a little, clear, plastic stand to stop here from tumbling over. The details are awesome and some parts of her hair are and can be moved around a little bit.

EXCLUSIVE Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head (Bethesda)

‘We’re so excited to play Fallout 4 that we decided to commemorate the new game with a Vault Boy bobble head of our very own. Measuring nearly 6 inches tall, he’s got an exclusive pose that can only be found in this month’s Loot Crate’

I know a Vault Boy Bobblehead with a different pose was an exclusive for people that pre-ordered Fallout 4 from GAME and so it is cool to see a variant of this in the Loot Crate. Again, it’s a good quality figure on a Vault-Tec stand and comes in a nice retro looking box.

TMNT Shredder Sunglasses (H2W)

‘Archenemy and master ninja, Shredder is a worthy opponent to man and turtle alike. As every warrior needs his armour, slip on these imposing shades with UV filters to help protect your peepers from harmful sun damage.’

Hahaha, these are so cool. We have a distinct lack of sun, or any natural light here at the moment but it’s great that these have UV filters on them as more often than not novelty sunglasses don’t. Honestly, I look a dick in them but luckily, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, they do suit Ki a lot more though.

The Hunger Games Mokingjay Part 2 Pin (Loot Crate Labs)

‘Just in time for the final instalment of The Hunger Games film series, we offer you this prop replica of the tribute token worn by heroine Katniss Everdeen. Symbolising her beauty, vulnerability and strength, she’ll never leave District 12 without it.’
I really enjoy the Hunger Games movies and this is going to be a fun addition to my growing pin family. It’s a single point, solid pin and it’s not too heavy and the bonus is that it will pretty much go with anything.

EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter Hyper Looting Comic Book (Capcom)

‘What happens when actual Loot Crate employees team up with the heroes of Street Fighter to crush the sinister Shadaloo and save the world from total annihilation? Well, it might be doomsday, but for whom? We’re not saying’, so you’ll just have to read this original comic to find out!’

This is a really cool idea. I haven’t read it yet but I expect it’ll be awesome!

Combat Button (Loot Crate Labs)

This month’s pin badge features the Loot Crate bus from the cover art.

Still waiting on the art being a poster in the loot crate every month!

The box art was a a scene set in a post apocalyptic world!

They also included some Loot Crate #giftofloot gift tags for if you want to re-gift any of your loot.

This was a good month in both items and overall value, I worked out prices based on the same or similar items on t’interwebs where I could find them, I worked them out in USD’s and it came to $62.72 (not including postage costs) which is double the monthly cost of the crate incl P+P. You can see the list with links below.

Cute But Deadly Figure $10

Cute But Deadly magnets based on Starcraft magnets $12

Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead $14.99

Shredder Glasses based on SunStache Novelty Glasses $12.99

Hunger Games Pin based on similar from Hot Topic $8.75

Street Fighter comic based on regular comic price $3.99

If this has made you want to sign up to Loot Crate and why wouldn’t it? You can sign up here through this link, click it, go on, click it, you know you want to! If you don’t sign up for some crazy reason, check back next month to see the Galaxy crate and hopefully a LVLUP Galaxy item.

Which one of these items would you like to see on my nails? I’m toying between the Cute But Deadly items of the Vault Boy Bobble Head.


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