Arcade Block November 2015

This month’s Arcade Block was nothing to be scoffed at, it has a good selection of items and a pretty solid overall value. I lost the card for the items, so don’t expect too much actual information about them, it will just be my ramblings. These info cards for boxes are always a ‘yeah I put it down there and now it’s not there, maybe I moved it over here… Nope, it’s gone forever!’ One day, I’m going to find a hidden bundle of Arcade Block and Infinity Crate info cards, just stacks and stacks of them, just living out their lives in a little cubby!

Angry Birds Blind Pack
These packs are series 2 with characters from Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space. In our pack we got what I think is Bubbles and possibly an egg bomb. This are good little collectibles although easily the cheapest item in this months Block.

Halo 5 Guardians 16 Month Mini Calendar
We have lots of calendars and planners in the house now, I am forever forgetting things and so it all has to be written down in multiple places. 
This calendar is good quality with some fab images and boxes big enough to write in. Perfect addition to a Block at this time of the year.

Mansion Key
Most gamers will know exactly what this is! This is a Resident Evil Mansion Key, although Resident Evil has been left out as they are not official items and I am assuming that there were 4 different types just like in the game. We got the Helmet Key and we really want the entire collection now, so I have been searching the internet, there are a few Helmet Keys on eBay but that’s about it. How are these not a thing in existence elsewhere? How has no one made these before? NEEEEEEED!!!!

The Master Cork
We don’t drink so this wouldn’t be used in the traditional sense but I already have plans to find a fancy bottle and get some battery powered twinkly lights for inside the bottle and use the cork to top it all off. It will make a fab fairy decoration. 

Titans 4.5 Uncharted Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure
I love vinyl figures but I’m not the biggest fan of these Titan figures, the shape is just a bit to weird for me, plus I’m still pissed that they changed Nathan’s face for Uncharted 4, his beautiful, manly face, curse you all! *fist shake*

Yarn Yoshi Tee
I love this tee so much. At first I was really jealous because the Arcade block tee is for Jim, but then he tried it on and it was too short on him and so he said I could have it and then I was happy because it is now mine, mwahaha! 
The design is quite large and and is a good quality print and it looks very Christmassy but could also pass as a day to day tee. Shirtpunch as usual.
I worked out the item value like this:
Tee- Used the price of Qwertee tee: £8
Titans Vinyls in this size sell for around: £5.99 
Angry Birds blind bag sell for: £1-£2
Halo calendar sold by Amazon for £11.89 
For the Mansion Key and The Master Cork, I have no idea what they would sell for or what I would pay for them and I can’t find anything to really compare them to. They are novelty items and could be anywhere from a fiver to £20 ish but currently, on eBay, both items have sold for between random prices, I think I even saw a Mansion Key go for over £30, so I am going to say £10 each just for guesstimations sake, That would bring the overall value to about £47.88 so that is just over double the £22 I pay for this.
I think it was a pretty good Block this month, what do you think? If you would like to sign up to Arcade Block you can do that here.

Author: Chrissie

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