Star Wars Week Day 1: Wampa’s Hoth no place on mah nails!

It’s the run up to The Force Awakens this week and I am going to try nailing out a few new Star Wars mani’s, maybe not one every day but a good few hopefully and the first one is Wampa!
In my imagination, when I decided that I was going to do Wampa nails, they were perfect, they were fluffy and looked just like the yeti like creatures! In reality, well, the important thing is that I tried, right? Even though they aren’t the best, I kind of like them! They’re cute and furry in a nightmarish kind of way.

I used Barry M Cotton for the base, then topped with white flock. The horns, eyes and nose are all made from polymer clay and the mouth was just draw on with polish. 
These aren’t practical at all, but I have a few other awesome mani’s planned that will be. What Star Wars theme or character would you like to see?

Author: Chrissie

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