Star Wars Week Day 2: Poe Dameron Nails

Yes, it’s day 2 of my Star Wars week and I decided to do a basic representation of Poe Dameron. He wasn’t originally on my list of mani’s this week but I suddenly got an idea for it as I was falling asleep last night and jotted it down and you know what? I freakin’ love it. Often the simplest ones turn out the best, like my Han and Leia mani!

All 5 nails together represent his pilot uniform. 
For the white nails, I used a base of Barry M Cotton and topped with Seche, then I used lots of bits of striping tape and OPI Matte Topcoat before peeling off the tape to give a really subtle striped effect. Annoyingly, the striping tape left some bits of it’s silver colour behind on the edges so it made them look a little dirty but it isn’t too noticeable. I really love the textured feel of these stripes and they look great!

The thumb is Dameron’s helmet! Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to freehand a tiny Rebel Alliance symbol? It’s a huge pain in the ass, HUGE! But, it turned out awesome. Polishes used on the thumb are Barry M Black and Ciate Red Hot Chilli.
For my ring and pinkie I used Barry M Mango and stamped the Rebel Alliance symbol onto my pinkie.
Lets hope the rest of this weeks nail art goes this well.

Author: Chrissie

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