Danglefoot Nail Polish Night Unfurls It’s Splendour and Pixelated Wishes

I bought these gorgeous polishes a while back with some Christmas money, both had been on my wishlist for ages and I was so chuffed to finally get them.

Night Unfurls It’s Splendour is a gorgeous a medium to dark grey jelly packed full of blue and silver glitters. I adore grey polishes and Hayley (of Danglefoot Nail Polish) told me once told me that it reminded her of British weather which made it even more perfect.

You can kind of see here that the blue glitters sometimes give off greenish colours but the polish really does look like rain in a storm.
My photography skills are seriously diminished atm so everything is blurry or just plain crap, I am also getting the urge for a new camera and I definitely need a decent tripod but here is my attempt at a bottle macro for this gorgeous polish.
Next up is Pixelated Wishes.
This polish was just so unique when I saw it, it is a dark purple jelly packed with emerald green glitters and a holo shimmer. I failed completely at capturing how gorgeous this polish really is.

You can kind of see the green glitters peeking out in this shot.

But you can really see them in this bottle macro. It really is gorgeous and I recommend it if you like darker colour but with something unique or a splash of colour.
Both polishes applied nicely and were perfect in 2 coats. Clean up was easy as pie and there was no staining from either. All photos show with 1 coat of Seche.
I will have quite a few Danglefoot Nail Polishes to swatch over the next few weeks so stay tuned. You can find Danglefoot Nail Polishes on Etsy here.

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