A-England Excalibur Renaissance and Saint George

These 2 beauties are others that I bought with Christmas money a while back and I have been dying to try them. I got these when A-England were running a promotion, I can’t remember what it was called or anything but I got these 2 together for £10 which is a bargain, even more so because I only buy A-England polishes when they are on sale or on the Gem of the Month and I have had Saint George on my list forever, seriously, it never seemed to ever go on sale. I’m pretty sure the deal I chose was buy Excalibur Renaissance and any other polish of your choice for £10 and I was so excited when I realised that Saint George was an option. 
With both of these polishes and any A-England polish I have ever used, the formula is amazing, perfection even. All photos show 2 coats with 1 coat of Seche.
Excalibur Renaissance
Excalibur Renaissance is pretty much a standard silver polish but with a little extra added sparkle. Don’t get me wrong at all, it’s a gorgeous polish and with it’s buttery formula I would definitely pick it over any other silver polish any day.

With my silly determination to have a little bit of nail art on my swatches, I tried to do a whole Once Upon a Time thing, as in the TV show, I love this show and because Netflix does weekly episodes, I’m pretty sure I’m up to date. So I went with this because *spoilers* (seriously, don’t read this if you are not up to date) Excalibur was in it recently, I did the pen/writing stamp as a nod to Henry being the Author and the whole ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ thing, I did stamp some writing under it in grey, with the hopes that it would stand out nicely but that clearly failed. I also did the little pirate sword on my thumb because number one, that’s the only sword stamp I have and number two, because, quite frankly, I am in love with Hook. Oh, and number three, because he went all Dark One and stuff.
Excalibur Renaissance was easy to clean up and easy to remove.
Saint George

Ermahgerd, this polish is freakin’ gorgeous! Even Jim was like ‘that’s nice’ and that is literally the most attention he has willingly and voluntarily paid to a polish without prompting.
Saint George is a deep racing green with a beautiful scattered holo. 

The colour is so rich and is such a strong pigment that you could definitely get away 1 coat. Clean up is a bitch because you have to be so careful not to get any in your cuticles or on your skin, it will go green, I did experience this and it is a toughie to get rid of. I did not, however, get any nail stainage, which I was super shocked at. I was wearing 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy base coat, so I can’t guarantee it wouldn’t stain, but I would recommend always wearing a strong, reliable base coat, especially when wearing a highly pigmented polish.

I had to include a bottle shot of this one because look at it, that holo is perfect, it looks like gold and lime green. My stamps on this were chosen because Saint George slayed a dragon. I used Excalibur Renaissance for the stamps.
This whole keeping up with the blog thing is hard. I wanted to post at the weekend but failed, I wanted to post yesterday but failed, although part of that was because Blogger wouldn’t let me upload photos, it would be easy if I didn’t have to edit/choose from hundreds of photos or write anything, now that I could deal with.
What polishes have you been lusting after for ages?

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