Captain America: Civil War Nails

I had told myself that I wouldn’t attempt any nail art until I had gotten through the pile of polishes on my desk, but it’s Civil War, you can’t not get involved in Civil War. It’s everywhere. Team Iron Man, Team Cap, everyone is picking sides, some are refusing to pick a side an are basically Team Iron Cap, haha I’m so good.

What side am I on? Team Iron Man, of course! If you don’t know anything about Civil War history, there is an awesome ‘Everything you need to know about Civil War’ video here on Nerdist.
As is the way with everything, even though I am Team Stark, my Captain America nail turned out awesome, I am super proud of it, it looks way better irl though, but I love that it looks like a decal on part or it. 

I did the Avengers A on my thumb because, well, you know, they are Avengers and Cap is the First Avenger so it works, in my head, it is also a reference to the ‘So was I…’ line in the trailer that hit me right in the feels. 
I used hēhē SuperHero 001 and 002 for this nail art, for the base colours I used the smoosh method with Ciate Red Hot Chilli and a blue Moyou stamping polish, the glitters are Barry M Gold Glitter and Barry M Silver Lights.
As with everything, it is highly unlikely that I will get to watch this movie in the Cinema but I am really looking forward to it. Are you going to see it? Are you Team Iron Man or Team Cap?

Author: Chrissie

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