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When Nerd Block announced that they were doing a one off, limited block in collaboration with Geek&Sundry I almost squeed with pleasure 😉 I was in there straight away, no fluffing, I was so excited for this and was willing to pay the higher price than regular blocks because I love Felicia Day and Geek&Sundry and I had really high expectations. 
Annoyingly, after I paid, not a single member of staff at Nerd Block could or was willing to let me know around about what date the block would ship. They just kept telling me that I would get an email when it had shipped, which is awesome but not what I asked. I just wanted to know if they would ship the block giving enough time for it to arrive with me in the UK before Tabletop Day, but no, they had no answers, which was quite disappointing.
The block arrived today, on Tabletop Day, at 1:30pm and when I say arrived, I mean we got a card from the postman saying they couldn’t deliver it because there was a Customs charge to pay of £13.42. WHAT??!?!! Dammit, I completely forgot about the Customs on this. That brought the total I had paid for this block to £53.41. So Jim rushed to pick it up before the depot shut at 2 and I sat here hoping that the items in the block were worth the money I had paid. Lets see what you think…

Felicia Day “Embrace Your Weird” Pencils
I adore Felicia, I really do and I celebrate my weird all the time, it is something I am instilling in Kian but pencils? Really? Surely these will just be extra filler items.

Geek&Sundry Bumper Sticker
Another filler item, I like stickers, I don’t have a car but I have other things I can stick it to.

Wil Wheaton’s D6
This is a novelty, collectible item as it has 1 on every side, a reference to Wil’s inability to get good rolls. 

Geek&Sundry Character Tokens
I actually really like these. It’s a good quality little pouch with the Geek&Sundry branding, the coins have a little bit of weight behind them. My only criticism would be that they should have made each token a different colour.

Tabletop Day Geek&Sundry Playing Cards
Regular playing cards. 

No Survivors Flip Notepad
This one I like too. A nice quality notepad for keeping track of stats and score. 

Dungeons and Dragons Shadows of the Vampire Comic (Variant Cover)
You know I like comics with variant covers.

MTG Legacy Collection Figure: Chandra Nalaar
This is kind of cool and even though it is Magic the Gathering, it doesn’t really relate to the box theme. I would have happily taken one or two MTG booster packs over this. Not to mention that not everyone is a Magic player and something playable would have been better than this figure for most people.

International Table Top Day 2016 T-Shirt
I’m a t-shirt girl, I like t-shirts and this one is ok but they could have been a bit more imaginative with this. I would have loved a Critical Role tee. It looks like a Unisex tee to me although I can’t remember what the sizes were and of course, I can’t check on my Nerd Block account. But it fits, so you know.
Altogether there were 9 items in this block, at least 5 of the them felt, to me, like something you would get in a free goodie bag if you were to go to an event or something, they definitely feel like swag items, 1 of them (the MTG figure) was a bad choice for the block. I really would have liked there to be something playable, apart from the playing cards. I normally don’t like to post bad reviews of stuff on the blog but I had to post this. I was really disappointed, it was badly curated and I get better value in monthly subs that cost half of what I paid for this and that I don’t have to pay Customs charges on because the price is not over the threshold. I honestly expected better from the Geek&Sundry name. I’m now stressing about the fact that it cost so much in the end and wasn’t worth it. What do you think about the overall block?

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Nerd Block/ Geek & Sundry Tabletop Block

  1. Sorry this was such a bummer for you! 🙁 That's why I'm always hesitant on boxes like these, I HATE spending money only to find that it wasn't worth it. I considered getting this box because I'm a huge Tabletop fan, too! I agree with everything you've said here. The pencils and sticker were an odd choice as well. The pencils could have at LEAST been swapped out for a nice, quality pen. I think the coins are my fav, but like you said they'd be more useful in different colors :/

    1. Thanks, it's good to know that I'm not just being overly picky. I think I will be hesitant in the future although I have just bought the Alien Limited Edition crate from Loot Crate, a bit pricey and will have to pay customs too so hopefully they don't mess it up as much as Nerd Block did on this one.

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