Loot Crate LVLUP: Quest

I was going to write that I was pretty excited for this LVLUP but I write that all the time, I’m always excited for Loot Crate items, what can I say? Loot Crate gives me a happy, which is why I have signed up to LVLUP again, yes I have been a little bit spendy lately but I did all the adulting stuff first so it’s fine.
This is LVLUP Accessories again because I need all the nerd accessories and the theme was the same as the Core Loot Crate (that’s what it is called now) Quest! 
Now I did get a little annoyed with Loot Crate earlier in the month, not that I told them but they sent out an email way before the dispatch date saying ‘YOU ARE GETTING STAR TREK LEGGINGS’ What? Awesome! But also, why the hell are you spoilering it? It’s supposed to be a mystery thing isn’t it? I would have gotten annoyed if they had said ‘you are getting a Star Trek item’ or even ‘you are getting some awesome nerdy leggings but we aren’t telling which ones’ then I would have been cool with that but Loot Crate, OI, NOOOOO! Don’t spoiler things. I feel  like I am being overly picky lately. Am I being overly picky? 

Anyway, the leaflet/pamphlet/booklet (I have no idea what to call it) folds out into an awesome old school looking treasure map thingy and I love it. It’s pretty big and folds out to about 240cm x 240cm. But that isn’t what you want to see, is it? Be honest! You’re here for the nerdy, Star Trekkie, leggingy goodness aren’t you? Admit it! Well, here they are!

Not what you were expecting? Well, it’s the best I could do. The lighting sucks but you can see the colours and details. Ok, so what this experience has taught me is that I have no idea how to photograph clothing, oh and I suck at it. What you need to know is that these leggings are awesome. They feel like pretty good quality and are quite thick but slinky material (slinky is the right word, I’m sure of it) These are galaxy leggings but made even better!
The one downside is that I choose my sizing based on the measurements on my Loot Crate account and I was fairly certain I had the right size but they are slightly too big and a fair bit too long, but that’s ok because I am trying to lose weight at the moment and I am hoping in the end to lose a fair amount so any awesome leggings I have will have to be shrunkened (that’s a word, shut up) anyway, so it’s fine. I love these too much to give a crap about that.
With the whole value for money thing, this month’s LVLUP is looking pretty good. I paid roughly about £12, I have looked at a few places that I have bought leggings from and that I desire leggings from: TruffleShuffle the leggings range from £20-£30, SoftKittyClothing the leggings range from £14-£25 and on Poprageous the leggings work out at about £54. It’s a pretty good bet that some awesome Star Trek Galaxy leggings would have a good price on them and just remember, the £12 I paid for them includes the shipping cost, prices for the other leggings don’t.
This was a good month for LVLUP Accessories but when it comes to spoilering, Loot Crate, cut that shit out! You need to sign up so you don’t miss out on awesome loot, you know it’s the truth, go sign up, click here, go on, do it, you know you want to!

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