R2Blue2 Nails

I couldn’t not do any nail art for May the 4th! I have done a Star Wars mani every May the 4th since I started my blog so there was no way I wasn’t going to whip something up. I went a little different with this one and used the smoosh method (yes I am slightly obsessed with the smoosh method now) I used Barry M Cotton, Barry M Black and Barry M Blue Grape then I added some little silver bits using Barry M Silver Foil and a thin dotting tool.
I stamped using the awesome MyOnlineShop MJXLII and the clear stamper from Born Pretty Store.

I double stamped Star Wars with black then yellow to try and get it to look like the proper text, close enough right? The clear stamper really helps with that sort of thing but twitches do not.

I really like how it turned out, I was a bit dubious at first because my original attempt at the R2Blue2 mani failed. I originally tried to use the Sharpie method, yeah, that sucked ass, so I started over again with this one and it worked great. R2D2, you will always be my number one droid!

Author: Chrissie

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