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When we heard that Loot Crate was going to be doing a Loot Gaming crate we cancelled Arcade Block and signed up to this. OK, Jim made that decision, if it had been left up to me then we would have been paying for Arcade Block and Loot Gaming, although Nerd Block annoyed me with the Tabletop Block so I’m kind of glad they aren’t getting any of my money at the moment. 
We were too slow on getting on board for crate #1 but I signed up to the waiting list and the moment I got the email for sign up I was on it like Sonic. And this, my dears, is our first Loot Gaming crate!
The theme for this month was Metro! Inspired by the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil and celebrating franchises with hazardous urban areas.

Sticking with the new style of pin badges that can now be found in the Core Crate, we get this cool, Bioshock-ish silver coloured pin with the theme and date on the front and Loot Gaming on the back. 
The Division 16GB USB (Ubisoft)
‘No need to call a helicopter for this loot extraction! The removable ammo clip reveals the Tom Clancy’s The Division USB Drive’
I’m going to admit something here, I never read the mag/info booklet until I’m putting up these posts and I 100% honestly thought this was just a cool little replica gun in a tin. I legit had no idea it was a USB pen and I still thought it was cool, then I saw it had a removable ammo clip USB and I was like ‘whaaaaat? That’s awesome’ so, yeah… o_0 
EXCLUSIVE Mirror’s Edge Watch (Accutime Watch Corp)
‘Whether you’re scaling rooftops or delivering mail, you’ll always know what time it is with this exclusive Mirror’s Edge Catalyst watch, featuring Faith’s iconic tattoo.’
We had one of these watches before from an Arcade Block and we gave it to the boy, he had ripped it apart in about a day, he does that, he destroys things, so as annoying as it is, he is a good tester of build quality. These rubbery watches aren’t that expensive, without branding you can pick them up for about £2.99 a piece but they’re are still pretty cool and with the silicone material they make a good sports/exercise watch. Plus it looks cool the way the time comes up after you press the button.
On a side note: I am always dubious of companies with Corp at the end of their name, they’re blatantly evil aren’t they? 
EXCLUSIVE Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S Beanie (DT Global Inc)
‘Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil and protect your brain in style with this exclusive beanie.’
I like this hat but it’s friggin’ tiny! Now, I have no idea if the UK have considerably larger skulls than those in the US but Jim couldn’t fit it on his head (his is massive though) and I could barely squeeze it on to mine. What is this? A beanie for ants? haha Seriously though, it’s really small! Anyone else had this problem with this beanie or any other beanie from sub boxes from the US for that matter?

EXCLUSIVE Fallout Metal Print (Fanwraps)
‘The perfect decoration for an post-nuclear apocalypse settlement, this exclusive art print features Sole Survivor and Dogmeat exploring the remains of Downtown Boston’
Another great item, the artwork is gorgeous and will fit nicely with another metal Fallout print we have. The 6×9 print is from actual Fallout 4 concept art, the colours are really bold and it’s good quality. 

EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Shirt (The Coop/Loot Crate)

‘Would you kindly wear this awesome Bioshock 2 shirt? This exclusive design by The Coop showcases the underwater city of Rapture and hints at dark denizens’
Loot Crate’s tee quality has always been spot on and this one is no different, sadly, this one is not for me, it’s for Jim but it’s fab. 
I think Loot Crate did good on this one and I think we made the right decision to switch again. Loot Crate have actually never let us down so I know we can always expect good quality crates from them. I can’t wait to see how they up their game, next month already has some good things confirmed. What did you think of this month’s Loot Gaming? You can sign up by going here and selecting Loot Gaming from the ‘Pick a Crate’ dropdown.

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