Loot Crate LVLUP Loot For Her: Power

I HAVE THE POWER!!!! Ok, so there isn’t actually any He-Man items in this months LVLUP but the theme is ‘Power’ and I just really wanted to say that. I might not have the power, but I do have the awesomeness! I haven’t had many LVLUP’s but this one is definitely my favourite so far. Let me show you why…

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel heroes Charm Bracelet
‘Ensemble assemble! There’s no need for a Civil War, because no matter who your favourite Avenger is, this fun charm bracelet is the perfect accent to any look.’
How cute is this bracelet? It’s official Marvel and pretty sturdy, not to mention awesome! I am Team Iron Man all the way, always and it’s got a red ribbon which is obviously for Iron Man! This shot may showcase Cap but you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty great shot.
Even though this item has all the awesome, it’s not my favourite item from this month, because this is…

Super Mario Bros. Infinity Scarf
‘The princess may be in another castle, but she left a fantastically fashionable accessory behind. Whether you’re headed to a (Mario) party or going on a solo adventure, power up your next outfit with this stylish viscose scarf.’

OH MA GAHD! This scarf is so much of the awesome that I cannot handle it. It’s quite a thin material and you could get away with wearing it on a cool summer evening but I am definitely going to wear the shit out of it in the Winter. Look at that print, it’s lush, I need some BAF leggings to go with it.
When it comes to value it’s hard to define because one is an exclusive but in my personal opinion, this month was well worth the subscription fee. I’ve seen similar, good quality bracelets go for around £20 and would happily pay that and as for the scarf, I would happily pay £10-20 for this as well. Keep in mind that the total amount that I pay for LVLUP is about £12-£13 which makes this so much more of a bargain.
LVLUP was the first of our subs to arrive this month, so keep an eye out for others in the next week or so, hopefully, as long as the postie doesn’t betray us. If you fancy signing up for some loot of your own, pop on over here and get to becoming a Looter, you can get $5 off your first month!

Author: Chrissie

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