World MS Day 2016 Nails

Today is World MS Day and this year the theme is Independence. Multiple Sclerosis is a condition of the central nervous system in which the body attacks the protective coating around the nerves. It can affect the brain and/or the spinal cord, which can mean a wide range of unpredictable symptoms. Although it can occur at any age, it is most commonly diagnosed in the 20’s and 30’s meaning that people can lose their independence at a very young age.
This year, it will mark 5 years since I first noticed I was getting ill, although it now turns out that I had signs of it that went ignored at least 2 years before, and it was only last year that I was diagnosed. Up until 3 months ago, I had a steady progression of symptoms and pain and then BAM! a really scary relapse, my first scary one and it completely floored me, literally! My depression hit an all time low, I was scared and I could not physically move on my own, but it flipped a switch in me and since then I have been trying to stay positive and work to physically gain strength back in my arms and my legs and adopt a healthier *walks away from the bacon* lifetsyle. 

There are 2.3 million people worldwide that have MS and every single one of us has a different story. There is no cure, yet, but hopefully, days like today can raise awareness and change that! 
There are lots of places you can donate if you would like to, some of them are the World MS Day website, the MS Society or you can donate through the MS Trust
We are stronger than MS!

Author: Chrissie

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