Born Pretty Store Splodgy Water Decals

I called these Born Pretty Store decals ‘splodgy’ because I wasn’t really sure what to call them, they look microscopic to me or like a photo negative strip melting but I also see doughnuts, that could just be because I’m hungry. They do make for some funky acid trip nail art though.
The decal sheet consists of enough pre-sized decals to do one mani (10 decals). I’m not a huge fan of the pre-sized decals because I often find it difficult to get them to fit all my nails properly, however, they are pretty good quality and that might just outweigh the fact that a smidge of nail on each side is not covered.

The decal slid off the backing paper easily and within about 10 seconds of being in the water, they clung to the nail nicely without too much sliding around. There was no colour loss and the colour is vibrant enough to not need any undies, I applied them straight to a the nail that only had Nail Envy on. I topped with one coat of Seche and the didn’t wrinkle or split or melt. 
You can find them here for £1.09/$1.55 for the sheet.
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Author: Chrissie

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