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The May Loot Gaming was a little late due to an item having to be replaced last minute. The item, which we still know nothing about, started ‘bleeding’ out of the boxes. From what I could tell on the Loot Gaming Twitter feed, they aren’t releasing any details about it because they are hoping to bring it back in a later crate, minus all the ‘bleeding’ I’m assuming but I’m so intrigued and there are a number of things I have imagined it is, my main thought is that it is one of those squeezy, gross stress ball thingies and it was maybe Cacodemon from DOOM. 
Anyway, moving on to the items we did get, this month’s theme was Dungeon! Inspired by the release of Uncharted 4 and DOOM, Dungeon is a venture into long forgotten places. We were hoping for some really cool items and in my opinion, they delivered.

EXCLUSIVE Uncharted Journal (BD&A)
‘Start your own journal, and maybe your descendant will try to find your long-lost grave! This faux leather journal looks just like the one found in Uncharted’

With the faux leather cover and the 30 gilded pages, this notebook has the look a feel of a more expensive journal. The inside cover has a map and then the first page has an Avery quote. I was in my slow ass playthrough of Uncharted 4 until my PS4 decided to die on me and I still don’t have it back, thanks GAME, (since writing this, they’ve messed up even more the CS is ridiculous so I am getting a refund and will get one somewhere else, yay o_o) but luckily I did manage to get my Uncharted 4 and Diablo 3 saves onto a pen so when I do finally get it back, I can carry on. Also, who else digs Nathan Drake? He’s lush! I mean, I preferred the version from the other games but I’ve grown to appreciate this version too.

EXCLUSIVE Legend Of Zelda Dog Tag (Bioworld)
‘Do you possess the Spirit of the Hero? Bring light to the world in style with this Legend of Zelda dog tag.’
Ok, this item is the type of item that makes me jealous. As you know, Loot Gaming is Jim’s sub and so, unless he doesn’t like an item, then it’s all his. This item is an example where I wish he wasn’t keen on it so that I could have it but alas, he loves it. The chain is a 23.6 inch zinc alloy with a zinc alloy embossed sword charm and a faux leather embossed charm featuring the Wingcrest.

EXCLUSIVE DOOM Can Glass (Just Funky)
‘Raise a toast to all those demons you’re gonna toast! This demonic can glass will hold all the blood or kool-aid you can drink’
This glass is pretty good quality and I know this because I already dropped it and it didn’t crack or smash, it does say that it is commercial grade glass and so is sturdy. The image print is good quality and you can barely feel it but you can definitely see it.

EXCLUSIVE Warcraft Flag (C&S Sales)
‘Rep your allegiance with these Horde and Alliance flags from Warcraft’
This is definitely an awesome item! It’s an 18×24 inch, double sided banner style flag with 2 metal grommets for easy hanging. The colours are vibrant and the print looks great, I would have loved it if it had been 2 separate flags but it’s not, so the Horde side it is.

EXCLUSIVE Dark Souls III T-Shirt (Ripple Junction)
‘Praise the sun! This thought-provoking tee features the incandescent knight Solaire of Astora, a jolly Dark Souls sunbro- errr, we mean knight.’

This tee has the little sun over the boob on the front and on the back, has a knight with ‘Do you even praise?’ It should definitely have the word bro on the end of that, definitely! The sizing was perfect and as usual with the Loot Crate tees, it’s a good quality tee with a good quality print.

EXCLUSIVE Dungeon Coin Pin (K&S Specialty Products)
‘Danger lurks in the shadows. The looming door of this exclusive Dungeon pin symbolises all the places we were warned not to enter- but did anyway for loot and glory.’
This is our second Loot Gaming pin and I really love the style of them. Of course, Loot Crate have stepped up their pin game this year and so none of their pins are disappointing, ever!

Cute But Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figure (Blizzard Entertainment)
This item was a goodwill, bonus item for the delay. The bummer is that we go Zeratul, one that we already have but these items are awesome non the less.
The box art this month folds round to a pretty cool chest/crate.
Every item in this crate was an exclusive and you know that makes me happy. As for value, the t-shirt and one other item would likely make up the amount I paid so it’s a pretty good month. What did you think of the May Loot Gaming? If you love it and fancy signing up with $5 off your first month, then go here http://looted.by/dQYKx and start looting!

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