Diabolical Nail polish Set from Firebox

‘These Diabolical nail varnishes inspired by the charms of the great mountainside hotel in Zubrowka and the aristocratic ladies who sought out the “exceptional services” of it’s charming concierge’

This set is from Firebox.com, yes the gift website! I had no idea they sold nail polish and of course I wanted to give it a try, all you nail ladies will agree, if there is nail polish then you have to give it a go. The set is based on Wes Andersons Grand Budapest Hotel, a comedy film from 2014.
I was very pleasantly surprised by these polishes, the formula is fantastic, the brush are nice and wide and the lids are quite long and were very comfortable to hold whilst applying it. They all dried quickly and to a lovely shiny finish.

Dynamite in the Sack 

Dynamite in the sack is a lovely dark plum purple that I am sure is a dupe for Barry M Plum gelly.

I used 2 thin coats but you could definitely get away with 1 thick coat.

For the gold bits I used Whats Up Nails X pattern vinyl stencil and Barry M Gold Glitter.
Enchanting Old Ruin
Enchanting Old Ruin is a gorgeous grey with a very slight blue tone in different lighting. I do love a good grey and this one is very close to perfect.

Again, I used 2 thin coats but you could get away with 1 thick coat.

Blue bits done using Whats Up Nails Hypnose vinyl stencils and A-England Order of the Garter, which I think looks stunning over the grey.
Physically Repulsed 
Physically Repulsed is a very delicate, sheer pink which would work very well for a french manicure, everytime I try a french manicure it ends up looking ridiculous so I always give up, I envy those that can do it beautifully.

Being so sheer, it took 3 coats to get it this opaque, I also think this would be a fab polish for doing jelly sandwiches, is that still a thing? Because it should be!

Pretty holo bits were done using Whats Up Nails heart vinyl stencils and Barry M Silver Lights. I wish the hearts had shown up better but no matter how I photographed them, they always looked blurry, at least the holo made an appearance. 
I was definitely 100% surprised by these polishes, when I buy polishes from a non polishey place, there’s always that doubt but these polishes are pretty lush. Dynamite in the Sack was definitely my favourite and I’m going to have to check if that really is a dupe for Barry M Plum, it might make an appearance on my Instagram, so follow and keep an eye out if you’re interested, link to the right >>>.
If you like the look of these, you can buy them here from Firebox £12.99 for the set.
Oh and do any of you lovelies have any tips for not getting bubbles all around your vinyl design when applying topcoat. If you look at some of the pictures, especially for Physically Repulsed, you can see the bubbles are horrendous. Any tips would be good. Have an awesome weekend!

Author: Chrissie

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