KBShimmer That’s Ore Like It

This is another pretty from that Harlow & Co order long since forgot. KBShimmer’s That’s Ore Like it, is a large silver flakie in a clear base. 

This polish is so awesome but annoyingly, I found it really difficult to photograph and my photo’s really don’t do it any justice. My thumb to my ring finger is one thin coat and my pinkie is two thin coats to show how it looks built up. Base colour is Barry M Blue Plum.

The polish dries quickly and very surprisingly, the glitters laid flat and although a little bumpy, it dried fairly smooth. I added one coat of Seche just to even out the bumps.

I love the look of this polish when the glitters are overlapping each other, I think it looks a bit like armour, what do you think? I’m going to try this out with different colour combinations to see if the look changes much but I really love this polish.
That’s Ore Like It is currently available on Harlow & Co for $11cad (approx. £6).

Author: Chrissie

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