Loot Pets: Power

Kylo caught on quickly and has now realised that one of the Loot Crates that the postman delivers, belongs to her and she tries to check each one, knowing that she will get treats and a toy! This month’s theme for Pets was also Power.

The paper inside the crate is super cute again this month and I like this design so much that I am considering doing some nails based on it, I haven’t done some Loot Crate inspired nails since before the relapse and I am missing the little challenges. Now that I have more crates to choose from for inspiration, I should really get back on that.
Back to Loot Pets, lets see this month’s loot.

EXCLUSIVE Chicken Charger Treats (Loot Pets Labs)
‘The pathway to ultimate power is paved with delicious chicken tenders. Probably. These all-natural treats are packed with protein and unstoppable flavour!’
Kylo loves these, she loved last month’s too though, I’m pretty sure she would eat anything that smelt like food. In fact, she has eaten her own poop and another dog’s poop before so that’s not a fantastic endorsement but she really does love them.

KONG Airdong Dumbbell (KONG)
‘Two of the greatest dog toys of all time have combined in a powerful new form! Pump up your pup with this dumbbell-shaped toy that brings together tennis balls and squeakers! Plus, the non-abrasive felt won’t defeat your dog’s teeth’ 
The KONG dumbbell toy is Kylo’s favourite toy and I don’t just mean this one from this crate, I mean that she has this toy, well, a larger version, and she never leaves it alone. She has in fact had 3 of them since we got her because she is such a toy killer but it was a nice surprise to get this and she got so excited when she saw she had it.

This is a comparison of the Loot Pets one (left) and the one we bought, which is battered. The size we buy is large and it lasts a little bit longer than the others. I’m not complaining though, she still loves it and it’s funny to see her with this tiny toy in her mouth.

Mega Man Rush Dog & Human T-shirts (Capcom)
‘There’s nothingstronger than the power of friendship! Well, except for jet legs. Dress up the Rush to your Mega Man in this stylish tee and head to the next level!’
I love the design on this month’s tee and as always, it is fantastic quality. I’m still confused as to why you only get the choice for unisex human t-shirts. the sizes are hard to gauge, this month, even though I haven’t change my tee size, it is massive on me. it is basically down to my knees, it will make a good bed tee when the weather is cooler but I really hope they bring in Ladies and Men’s t-shirt choices.

I upped Kylo’s t-shirt size to a large because the shirt was super tight around her shoulders and the large is a much better fit. It was much easier to get the tee on Kylo too and she was ready for it, I think she likes having her own clothes. 

She was less receptive when it came to taking photos so this month, I only have these 2 photos of her with her loot, but she is gorgeous so that should hold you for a few weeks.

EXCLUSIVE Power Collar Charm (Loot Pet Labs)

‘Forget horsepower, this month is all about pup power! Attach this charm to your dog’s collar for the ultimate power-up!’
How cute is this? So it’s not as awesome as last month’s D20 Shield charm but it’s still cute and with 2 t-shirts and 2 collar charms, Kylo now officially has the start to her own nerdy wardrobe. I’m trying to think of cute a space conscious ways to store them all though.
I’m a little bit sad that we are one item down this month, if you remember, last months we had, 2 t-shirts, treats, a toy, a collar charm and that pug comic. This month we had 2 tshirts, treats, a toy and a collar charm, it just felt like something was missing. The items we did get were awesome though and Kylo is really happy with them! I am definitely keeping the Loot pets sub going for now because we haven’t had Kylo for that long really and it is a nice way to build up her toys and see what things she likes.
What did you think of this month’s Loot Pets? If you fancy including your dog in monthly loot then you can sign up here http://looted.by/dQYKx You can get $5 off your first month of a new subscription.

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