KBShimmer Pigment of my Imagination

I knew this polish was gorgeous but I didn’t know how perfect it was until I had it on my nails. This is KBShimmer Pigment of my Imagination, a multi-chrome that shifts from purple to blue to pink to red to gold to who knows how many other colours. Most of the time I see a gorgeous purple and blue combination but in the right light, *mouth drop* all the colours come out.

I found that it worked best with one coat over black, it’s quite sheer, so if you don’t use black undies then it will take quite a few coats to get the best results. I then topped with one coat of a Danglefoot Nail Polish prototype quick dry top coat, which is fantastic, so shiny!

I may have taken a fair few photos but I just wanted to make sure I caught as much of the shift as possible.

Pigment of my Imagination has a little bit of subtle sparkle but if you prefer to have holo in everything then I would recommend KBShimmer Myth You Lots which has a similar shift to Pigment of My Imagination but also has a linear holo. It’s on my wishlist too.

This is my favourite shift photo, where you can see nearly every colour of the shift.

For Americans, this polish is available from KBShimmer for $9.25usd and for us internationals, it is available on Harlow&Co for $12.50cad (about £6.86 at the moment). Myth You Lots (the one with the linear holo) is also available from both places for the same prices. Which one are you going to get?

Author: Chrissie

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