Danglefoot Nail Polish Lady Rainicorn and Crazy ice King

Ok, I’m going to level with you here, these are some of the worst swatch photos I have ever done! Looking at yesterday’s photos, I was 100% convinced that I had finally nailed it with the new camera, but nope, turns out I just got lucky. I’m also not feeling great today, got some pretty bad pain creeping on me, so that may have contributed to it but I didn’t want to give up on my streak of blog posts because any time I do, I tend to lose it completely for a while and it takes a lot of motivation to get back into it.
Believe me though, these polishes are abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous and justice, without a doubt, has not been done here. These polishes are from the Danglefoot Nail Polish Adventure Time collection and boy did this collection sell out quick time, these were the 2 that I really wanted and even though I had to get a full size in one and a mini in the other, I’m really glad I managed to snag these only a few minutes before they were gone completely.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is a clear base packed full of itty bitty matte glitters in blue, yellow and pink. It’s a densely packed glitter meaning that you it gives complete coverage in two coats. It dries quickly and to a textured finish and took two thin coats of Seche to make it nice and smooth and you better believe that it was a toughie to remove but definitely worth it. 
It reminds me of something, I’m pretty sure some sweets from way back when, I can’t remember their name or anything but I’m sure that they were little tiny coloured sweets that came in a clear plastic packet and they looked just like this. Although, now that I have been trying to think of it and googling ‘tiny coloured sweets’ for a few hours, I’m even less convinced that it’s sweets that it reminds me of but it does remind me of something, if you know what it is, please put me out of my misery!

Crazy Ice King

Crazy Ice King is a deep blue jelly with THE most beautiful flakies I have ever seen. In two coats it was perfectly opaque and although a little bumpy because of the flakies, it soon evened out nicely with one coat of Seche, which also brought out the sparkle a little bit more.
This one only needed a little bit of elbow grease to remove it but I do suspect there is a possibility of staining because the beautiful colour is so strong. You could also get away with one coat of this over a dark blue polish like Barry M Blackberry or Black Grape.
These are lush polishes and Hayley has some exciting polishes planned for when her store re-opens so keep an eye out on the Danglefoot Instagram profile to be in the know, they could sell out really fast.
Where to find Danglefoot Nail Polish: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 

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