Loot Crate: Futuristic

Hey everybody! This month’s Loot Crate theme was awesomely Futuristic. You know that means some cool sci-fi stuff. I love this month’s stuff, it was a good crate and the pin is badass. So let’s have a look then.

EXCLUSIVE Rick and Morty Tee (Loot Crate Labs)
‘Rick’s Portal Gun, arguably his most important invention, is the subject of study on this blue heather tee. If you’re able to replicate this tech, please dimension hop responsibly.’
Rick and Morty is awesome and is one of my favourite shows, I hate that we have to wait so long until the next season but this tee should tide me over for a while. I really like the colour of this tee too, it’s a light blue. The print is really good but the fit on the tee is a little tighter than usual, it’s definitely the tee, I haven’t put on any weight, noooope, definitely the tee, definitely. Shhhhhhhhhh!
EXCLUSIVE Futurama Planet Express Ship Model ( QMX)

‘Our cars don’t fly (yet) but you all deserve a personal ship. Behold, this lovingly detailed Planet Express Q-Fig!’
Who doesn’t love Futurama? Bender is my BOI!!!! Leela is kickass too and it’s a really good chillout programme. We are building up a nice little collection of Q-Figs now, thanks to Loot Crate and I really like the detailing on them. The stand is plastic and the transparent part slots into the black base then on top of the transparent part is a magnet which magnetically connects to another magnet on the bottom of the ship. Pretty cool, huh?
The above photo also shows the cool box art which is a landing zone/hanger bay. Some awesome artwork again. I wish I had space to keep all these boxes.
EXCLUSIVE Star Trek Dedication Plaque Replica Decal (BD&A)
‘This durable, domed decal lets you turn just about anything into the U.S.S. Enterprise (NOTE: Will not actually turn your things into the Enterprise). It’ll cover 4.5×3 inches of the surface you chose to stick it on and it’s repositionable if you should ever change your mind about placement.’
Look at this. I was hoping it was like a cheap-ish metal thing, just because a metal plaque is so much cooler so I was, honestly, a little disappointed with it at first but I do really like it and at least this way it should last a little longer than cheap metal. Not sure where I want to put it though. If you got this month’s Loot Crate, where have you put yours? If not, where would you put it anyway?
Star Trek Online Loot Pins 
‘One of the most famous sayings and salutes in pop culture, it’s a fiting pin for any decade. Loot long and prosper.’
Love it, love this pin so much. Nuff said! I still can’t do the salute though, my hands just won’t comply, I’m so ashamed.

EXCLUSIVE 3″ Mega Man Red Variant Figure (Kidrobot)
‘Robots with feelings are certainly a staple of futuristic prognostication but some of those robots battle evil and absorb the powers of their defeated foes. We present this red and white suit variant of Mega Man for your displaying pleasure.’
Vinyl figures are always welcome in my home, especially the mini ones. Not 100% sure about the red and white variant but what can you do. We already have a few Kidrobot figures and they are always good quality and have great display quality too. 
EXCLUSIVE Valiant Comics 4001 A.D. #1 (Valiant Comics)

‘Valiants recent resurgence into reader and critical acclaim may have caught you off guard, so we’re kickstarting your collection with a variant cover.’
I have a distinct lack of sci-fi comics in my collection which is weird because I do love sci-fi in most other forms so it would make sense that i would love it in comics. I’m hoping this is a good read.

Last but not least on this futuristic journey is this, a colouring page of Rick and Morty, which I am going to sit down and colour in tomorrow at my own leisure. I shall renounce my adulthood for the day and I shall colour as neatly as humanly possible and make it the best damn colouring you could ever imagine and Mr Poopy Butthole will be the proudest Poopy Butthole ever.
So, what did you think of this month’s crate? Was it good for you too? If it was and you still haven’t signed up then pop over here http://looted.by/d07P2 choose your crate and get looting, you will get $5 off your first month through this link, which will be added at checkout.
Wubba lubba dub dub peoples

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Loot Crate: Futuristic

    1. I think that is always going to be the problem with mystery boxes that have an array of themes. I do sometimes get items that aren't in my many fandoms but I appreciate that it's a good quality item. I have however, definitely felt that disappointment when you open it up and there is nothing that you really like.

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