Loot Crate: Dystopia

This month’s theme is Dystopia and it’s a look at some of our favourite less than ideal pop culture societies. It arrived a little earlier than usual this month, I hadn’t even received a tracking email when it turned up and I have to be honest, this isn’t my favourite crate but that doesn’t mean that the items are sub par, it just means that they don’t really fit in my fandoms but I can still appreciate them as a great product. 
Let’s have a look then…

Fallout 4 Power Armour Dorbz (Funko)
‘Protection against a harsh landscape has never been so adorable! A big fan of the highly detailed paint & deco on the Dorbz line, we wanted to make sure our Looters had one to add to their collections.’

My Dorbz collection is very small and I only just received my first 3 not long before this little guy arrived. He’s pretty adorable, even if he does look a little murdery.

EXCLUSIVE Robocop T-Shirt (Grey Matter Art)

‘Greetings, Citizen. Omni Consumer Products proudly presents the newest weapon against crime! From grey matter Art, purveyors of cool, limited edition entertainment artwork, this graphic has never seen duty on a t-shirt before.’
Another awesome tee from Loot Crate. The actual tee and the print are fantastic quality and this is probably my favourite item from this month.

EXCLUSIVE Terminator 2 Metal Print (Loot Crate Lab)
‘Yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friend who helps you defeat a shape shifting puddle of dangerous metallic goop. We’re commemorating the 25th anniversary of one of our favourite sci-fi films ever with this very special keepsake’

I personally don’t like this item, I’m not entirely sure why as I like the movies but this item just isn’t me. I think it makes it worse that it cut me, the corners on mine are pretty sharp, don’t know about other people’s but mine are sharp!
EXCLUSIVE The Matrix Puzzle (Cardinal Games)
‘Is your mind as nimble as the good people of Zion? Let this 300 piece puzzle be your test! Featuring brand new artwork developed just for Looters, we’re unveiling it here!’
This is cool, I like puzzles and I like The Matrix and the art is pretty cool.

EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Infinite Key Blank (A Crowded Coop) 
‘For some, the key to change lies within. In Elizabeth’s case, it’s literally in her hands- and now it’s in yours! You can display this iconic item or get it cut to unlock whatever door you choose’
This is an awesome, functional item, I do like when items like this are included. I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet but it’s on my list of games to slowly trundle through. 
Dystopia Pin Badge
‘This pin is the bomb. No, really. Inspired by Fallout 4, it will unlock a dynamite digital game download!’
This badge is one of my favourite of the enamel Loot Pins so far and the DLC was an exclusive wallpaper and ringtones/text alerts from the Fallout Shelter game.

The box art was awesome too. 
Individually, most of the items are cool, they are great quality items and they are worth the money but together, as a crate, it just didn’t do it for me this month. I know people who love this crate and it’s probably because it falls into their fandoms and I’m sure that some of you will feel the same.
If you fancy signing up and getting $5 off your first month, pop over here http://looted.by/dQYKx, next month’s theme is Futuristic which is my jam so I’m excited to see what we get, don’t miss out, sign up now.

Author: Chrissie

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