Spring Fling UK Indie Box

I love indie polishes, they do things that the big companies tend not to do, for instance, holo! When did you ever see a perfect holo from Barry M? In the UK, we have good selection of indie brands and when I heard that some of my favourite brands were going to be doing a polish box collaboration, I genuinely squeed!

Now, this box was released in April and that’s when I bought it so unfortunately these polishes aren’t available anymore. The newest box has also just released and when I last looked they had 2 left, the new collab is Danglefoot Nail Polish, Luna loves Lacquer and Freckles Polish. Pop over to the Freckles Polish Instagram page and ask Julieann if there are any left.

Right, lets get back to these beautiful polishes. There are 3 polishes one from each ‘Ard As Nails, Danglefoot Nail Polish and Luna Loves Lacquer.

‘Ard As Nails- Blushed

‘Ard As Nails Blushed is a beautiful brick orange (although my camera picks it up as more of a red) creme with a linear holo.

This is two coats with one coat of Seche.

Application was easy because it has such a fantastic formula, I suspect it could be a possible stainer as when cleaning up, it did flood the cuticles but did clean up easily and after removing, I had no nail stainage, I used 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy for my basecoat.
Danglefoot Nail Polish- Moonriver
Moonriver is a gorgeous blue with a pink/purple shimmer (which I could not for the life of me pick up in photos) and silver holographic flakies.

This is two coats with one coat of Seche.

The formula on this polish is a little thicker than I’m used to with Danglefoot Polishes but it was still very easy to work with. Application was easy with fantastic distribution of the flakies, as was clean up, removal was slightly tougher due to the flakies. The coat of Seche really brought out the holo in those flakies.

Luna Loves Lacquer- Mariposa

Mariposa is a pretty lavender colour with a linear holo and some stunning flakies that change from dark purple to a beautiful glassy green in different lighting. 

This is two coats with one coat of Seche.

Application was easy, clean up was a breeze and removal was ever so slightly tougher because of the flakies. Flakie distribution was great.

Soap Dodger Hand love- Kelleher’s Karma

As well as the polishes, there was a hand butter from Soap Dodger, which is from the same lovely behind ‘Ard as Nails. The butter is called Hand Love and and the fragrance is Kelleher’s Karma, it’s a nice scent but a little while after applying it, it started smelling like a man’s fragrance. The butter feels like a luxurious whipped cream and it applied beautifully, it melted into my skin easily and was not greasy or sticky after applying. You definitely only need a very small amount for each use but it is hydrating and my skin still feel fantastic after almost 15 hours since my last application.
There was also a little bag of heart shaped mints but those were eaten quickly by my 10 year old bin.
Each of these indie brands have other beautiful polishes available, I have listed their shops and Instagram pages below so you can pop over and check them out. This box was fantastic and I am so glad that this now exists, I have purchased the Summer box so keep an eye out for that one on the blog soon!
‘Ard As Nails/ Soap Dodger- ShopInstagram
Danglefoot Nail Polish- Shop | Instagram
Luna Loves Lacquer- Shop | Instagram

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