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These were super hard to photograph but as the sun has been out for part of the day, I decided it was definitely some time for holo glitter. Yes, it turned out that this was maybe too much gold for one mani to handle and that may have been part of the reason the photos look terrible but it’s pretty, so nyah!

The beautiful gold glitter I have used for my sand is the Jewels in the Sand glitter mix from Charlie’s Nail Art. It has a mix of fine and chunky glitter in gold, red, pink and purple, and there is lots of holo.

I also used a skull charm, a wheel charm, an anchor charm and an oyster charm, all from Charlie’s Nail Art as well.

For the water I used Danglefoot Nail Polish Moonriver and stamped using Bundle Monster BM-509 and Barry M Cotton. I did the water first and topcoated that with Seche Vite. I didn’t top coat over the glitter because I wanted the textured, sandy look.

Warning! Just like sand, you’ll be finding this glitter everywhere, FOREVER! And I definitely mean everywhere!

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Author: Chrissie

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