Espionage Cosmetics Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Espionage Cosmetics Borderlands Plus10Kapow


OK, before I get your hopes up, these are, in fact, fairly old nail wraps. But with all the Borderlands chatter recently, I just had to dig them out of my collection and finally get them worn. Are you excited for Borderlands 3? Are you playing any of the older ones in preparation?
Borderlands 3 Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps Nerdy Gamer Nails

Plus, I have an awards assembly thing to go to at Kian’s school tomorrow and I need my nails to look awesome. I was going to embarrass him but decided to just be awesome instead.

Now I know I already told you that these are old and they aren’t available anymore but if you want some awesome gamer nail wraps at your fingertips, not only can you find loads of awesomeness in their shop but with their Nail Mail Monthly, you can choose the Gaming Variant and get 2 exclusive sets each month, this month’sGaming wraps are inspired by Dragon Age.

Use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off regular order of $25 or more, or use the code when you sign up to Nail Mail Monthly and get $3 off your first month.

What other game sequel are you looking forward to this year?



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