Born Pretty Dipping Powder- Sahara Eye

Born Pretty Chameleon Dipping Powder in Sahara




I seem to have definitely lost my mojo with these powders. Before I was just using a cheap, gel topcoat to wear these but I had started to struggle and couldn’t get them to work, and I had heard that the no-wipe topcoats were better, so I bought a Black Heart and a no-wipe topcoat from Kiki London to use this gorgeous Born Pretty chameleon dipping powder, they are both fab but I still couldn’t get it to work the regular “rubbing” way. So I did the stamper method, where you rub the powder on a stamper until it looks blended and then stamp it on to the nails.

And honestly, I kind of love this way, there is less mess, it took less time and it mostly worked. It did stain the stamper head so I recommend using a tatty one where possible.

This powder can just be used just by dipping for a glittery look or by rubbing to get the chrome/metallic look, and I think with the stamper method I landed sort of in between. Sahara Eye is absolutely stunning, with shifts from green to blue to purple, it’s got me in love. Not going to lie though, I struggled to catch the shift on this dreary day, but you can definitely still see shifts of it in these photos. Sahara Eye does have a more subtle shift to it compared to other colours in the collection.

Plate used for the nail art above is the Maniology BM-S242 from the House of Horrors plate set.

You get this in a 10ML POT for £2.71/$3.59!!! That’s a bargain and you get so much in there, this will definitely go a long way.

Don’t forget that you can use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

How do you get on with the chameleon/chrome powders?



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