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The June theme for Loot Gaming was Arena celebrating champions and warriors battling to become the best in the arena! Most fuelled by the release of Overwatch, which looks amazing (you know I have major love for Blizzard) but I haven’t played it yet. Jim got it on PC but I think if I do get it, I will be better suited to having it on PS4, the biggest downside for me is the toxic environment in these games, it annoys me because it’s inevitable and it ruins awesome games for loads of people. Having watched Jim play, I am fully aware how toxic it can be on this game but I also get really annoyed by people ignoring or avoiding objectives. You know what, I might avoid it for a little while longer and just get Lego The Force Awakens and Uncharted completed, oh and I bought Elder Scrolls Online PS4, I already have it on PC but I like the thought of chilling out with it in bed. 
Anyhoooo, let’s move away from my babbling and move onto the awesome goodies from this month’s crate!

EXCLUSIVE Overwatch Tracer Funko POP! (Funko)
‘Quicker than you can blink, this Tracer Funko POP! will win your heart and the match! Time displacement powers not included.’

She’s awesome! Isn’t she awesome? Jim loves her and is refusing to put her in with my POP!’s because she is his 🙁 Her colour scheme is a green and black variant which is exclusive to Loot Crate. Definitely the best item from this month!

EXCLUSIVE DOTA 2 Gaming Mat (We Love Fine)
‘All the heroes of DOTA 2 in their most adorable form! This gaming mat will give you the power of the ancients. Maybe.’
This is the second gaming mat we have received in a Loot Crate and up until now, Jim has been using the Borderlands 2 mat from before. He has now swapped it out and I am trying to come up with a way to use the Borderlands mat, I don’t technically need one because I use a roller mouse. The mat is a really good size, roughly 10×12, it is made of rubber and has a fantastic quality cloth print.
From what i gather from the info in the magazine/booklet, this was designed by a fan as part of the STEAM Workshop Contributor Created thing and the artist receives royalties. I think, that’s what I got from it anyway, this design was by STEAM Workshop community contributor Robbobin. 

EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter V T-Shirt (Loot Gaming Labs)
‘A new shirt approaches! Rise up and prepare to face your opponents (or work day) with this inspiring tee, featuring some of your favourite Street Fighter characters’
This is a great short. Fantastic, good quality print! Great quality, vibrant tee and it’s the right size.
EXCLUSIVE Team Fortress 2 Scout Hat (We Love Fine)
‘Whether you;re part of RED or BLUE, every team needs a scout! Just stay away from baseball bats, okay?’

This is a cool item, Jim wears baseball caps all the time, I can’t, I look weird in them, I don’t know why but they just don’t suit me, I’m more of a beanie girl! Maybe I just have a weird shaped head! 
It’s great quality with an embroidered patch on the front and the Team Fortress 2 logo on the underside of the snapback. We got the red which I think is the better of the two colours. This was also designed as part of the STEAM Workshop Contributor thingy and was designed by community contributor GzuiS MosKala.
EXCLUSIVE Team Fortress 2 Art print (We Love Fine)
‘This poster for the intense, community-made fan film deserves a place of honour on your wall! Can  Red stop the train in time? Or is this the “End of the Line”?’
This is a very cool print and now that we are finally getting our prints up on the wall this will have a place their too. 
This was also part of the STEAM Workshop Contributor thing, designed by community contributor McVee.

EXCLUSIVE Arena Coin Pin (K&S Speciality Products)
‘Enter the ring! The huge coliseum of the exclusive ARENA pin reminds us of epic showdowns between champions.’
I really like the style of the Loot Gaming pins, this one is pretty cool, it has a nickel design with gold plated fireworks, these pins look awesome all lined up together.
Next months theme is Stranded and will feature items from Tomb Raider, Dead Island, Far Cry Primal and Assassins Creed IV, so it’s going to be pretty awesome, pop here to sign up before they sell out again, Loot Gaming has sold out every month since they started!
What did you think of this month?

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