Loot Pets: Dogtopia

Another month of Loot Pets for Kylo and another that she loves! Instead of being directly matchy with the Loot Crate core Dystopia theme, Loot Pets has it’s own similar theme, this month taking us to Dogtopia, a Utopian canine society!
It seems to be pretty standard each month, that you get a collar charm, a toy, a snack pack and the matching tees, so let’s have a look at what came in this month’s goodie box. Oh, and it’s wrapped in some very pretty paper again.

EXCLUSIVE Fire Hydrant Collar Charm (Loot Pet Labs)
‘Business meets playtime! This fun Dogtopia charm is designed to help your dog remember to aim, even on aimless walks through the neighbourhood.’
Firstly, let’s face it, since Pokemon Go released, none of us have taken aimless walks. In fact, I’m pretty sure dog walks are the best excuse for Pokemon hunting, how do you lot without dogs even do it?
We like this charm, it’s sturdy, colourful and a good size and we have it on Kylo’s collar at the moment but we still prefer the D20 Shield charm.
Here she is wearing the charm, she was slightly easier to get photos of this month but as you can probably tell, she refused to look into the camera. 

Grab a Bite Plush Food Toy (JAKKS Pacific)
‘Let you pup play with their food! Each crate contains one of three delicious looking plush toys with reinforced stitching to stand up to even the messiest eaters. Will you get the Hotdog, Cheeseburger or Pizza Slice?’
As you can see, we got the Cheeseburger, which I think is the best but I’m pretty sure Kylo would have loved any of them. Just like the bacon toy from her first crate, Kylo adores this toy and has been simultaneously bringing us the bacon and the burger to play with. Neither of them have broken yet and the bacon has been put through the wash a good few times. I expect these will last a good few months which is good for our little toy killer here!
She still isn’t a huge fan of the camera and if she has a toy in her mouth, as soon as you bring out the camera, she will drop it. So for now, this is the best photo we can get with her and the burger in the same shot.

EXCLUSIVE Bliss Burger Dog Treats (Loot Pet Labs)
‘The best way to give your dog a taste of the good life? Letting them take a blissful bite of one of these delicious beef patty treats, made in the USA with all natural ingredients!’
I swear Kylo would eat anything, I mean, Poogate is still happening unfortunately but she does really like these. The one thing I would mention with these particular treats is that she did get a lot thirstier than with these than she did with the previous ones.

EXCLUSIVE Dogtopia T-shirts (Loot Pet Labs)
‘Are you ready for a tomorrow worth wagging your tail over? Head to Dogtopia! This snazzy souvenir tee from Dogtopia will make your canine companion the envy of the whole dog park!’
This tee is adorable, and it looks so great on Kylo. Sadly, we won’t be wearing the tees outside the house together just yet because I am still not a fan of the fit, I am still hoping that they bring in ladies and men’s shirts at some point.

As you can see, the tee fits Kylo great apart from that little bit of sagging, this is only because we had to account for her shoulders in the size of the tee, but other than that, I think it fits great and she is so chill with wearing clothes, she’s such a good girl.

Here’s a photo from the front just so you can see how it fits and how beautiful she looks.
What did you think of this month’s Loot Pets?

Author: Chrissie

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