Born Pretty Store Mermaid Water Decals

Yes, sadly the nubbins are back and my super nails are gone, le sigh! They didn’t break, thank Odin but I did have to cut them back in anticipation of bad health times. I’m hoping to be able to grow them back so I can have them long again by Christmas, hopefully, fingers crossed.
But let’s talk about these water decals from Born Pretty Store. Mermaids are awesome, we all know this and mermaid nail art is also awesome and if you can be a mermaid, then you should always be a mermaid. 
These decals come in 2 different colour types and are pre-sized for each finger, because of this reason, they aren’t particularly great for anyone with long (phew) or wide nails. The largest decal still wasn’t quite wide enough for my thumb so I used 2 decals for a half and half look to ensure the whole nail was covered.
Shell and starfish studs are also from Born Pretty Store. 
The decals are easy to apply and cling to the nail quite well, they hold their colour through the whole process and remove just like nail polish. I recommend waiting about 10 minutes before adding the top coat on these as I got a bit over zealous with my index finger and lost some of the decal but the other nails were fine.
You can find these decals here for £1.40/$1.99 per sheet or £2.24/$3.18 for both together.
Don’t forget to use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Author: Chrissie

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