Space Cats and Dog Nails

This post was supposed to go up on Thursday but our broadband cables got damaged (again) and we have been without internet for the whole weekend. Which might seem like a small thing but when you rely on it for everything, it can put the kibosh on the weekend fun. I tell you, I have never been so happy to see a blue flashing tick! Ok, I’ve had my little bitch, onto the actual post.
This adorable stamping plate is Harunouta 20 from Born pretty Store and features 20 images of cats, dogs and some related items. The image quality is fantastic although I did get a few patchy bits, so I tried with different stamper types and stamping polishes but still got them so I think the etching is ever so slightly imperfect. The plate is, what seems to be, the standard size for round stamping plates and has a card backing.
I decided to go for reverse stamping for this nail art because cats and dogs clearly have a great deal of personality and plain stamping just isn’t going to do them justice. I went with space cats and dogs because I just really wanted to, it’s the best way to add sparkles to them and the safest. Be aware that most of them don’t like sparkles in real life and you should definitely not try to add sparkles to a real cat or dog, especially not a cat if you value your life.
I loved the idea of space cats and dog so much that my brain decided to come up with a theme song for an imaginary tv show called ‘Space Cats! And Dog!’ to the tune of the Transformers theme song and went something like this ‘Space Cats… and Doooooog! Fighting crime… in space at night… with their boss the Dooooooog!’ yeah it’s not very good but I’m giving you insight to my weird here so embrace it and be prepared for that shit to be stuck in your head all day the minute you sing it out load once. I’m not apologising for it though, your life is now enriched, welcome to my weird enrichment centre!!!

My thumb ended up being my favourite nails because it looked the most polished of all of them (pun absolutely intended). 
My base polish is Barry M Multi, which I haven’t used since before I started using Seche and I used to complain that it always finished gritty but with the topcoat it is bloody gorgeous. The polishes used to give the cats and dog their sparkles are random ones from my desk, mostly Danglefoot Nail Polish. I stamped using Moyou White Knight and my large, clear, jelly stamper.
You can find this plate here for £1.12/$1.59. Harunouta seems to be a pretty emerging brand, I feel like I am seeing them everywhere now and it also seems that some items that were originally Born Pretty branded have changed to Harunouta, so not sure what happened there. 
Anyway, don’t forget to use my code CBAQ10 to get 10% off all non sale items.

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