For The Horde! Nails inspired by Loot Pins!

The Loot Crate badge from this month is the best badge I have ever seen! Look at it! It is an official Blizzard item and ya know Blizzard are my peeps, I have much love for Blizzard, they give such good game! That beauty, paired with the fact that after 8 years I have actually started to play WoW again (I got really addicted to it back then), oh, and don’t forget the fact that I have completely failed to keep up with my ‘Inspired by Loot Crate’ mani’s, I decided that I wanted to do one inspired by this beautiful pin.
I bought this amazing stamping plate from AliExpress because how could I not? I saw it, I needed it, I love it. The images are quite large though and it’s a huge plate but how could I not? Luckily, with my nails at their current length means that the images I wanted to use, fit on my nails, I did lose a bit on the sides because of the with of the image, it was horrible trying to decide which bit to take off.
I have vowed not to shorten my nails until I have got through my pile and I’m very close to doing it so I’m trying to decide if I should shorten them or go to proper shorties for a while.

This is the image I used for Sylvanas, I did some reverse stamping using the clear stamper from the Life’s a Beach UK indie box and although some of the colours slid on my ‘decal’ I love how it turned out. There was a sneak peek on my Snapchat (Plus10Kapow) a few days ago, and on my Instagram today, of the decal through the stamper.
I technically stole one of my own designs again by using the same style of base as my Hydra nails but it’s perfect for the Horde, because of the metallic red and the way the polishes are mixed gives it an awesome dark, two toned, metallic look that I  might try to show on my Instagram later, so go follow me!

And because the light made some of it look different, here is a photo of the mani in the shade.
The polishes used are:
Nails Inc Luminous Red
Barry M Black
Moyou Black Knight
Radioactive Unicorn Poof! I’m Gone!
For the Sylvanas reverse stamp I used:
Barry M Plum
Barry M Blueberry
Barry M On Your Marks 
Barry M Chai 

I have to finish this post with a shot of my Sylvanas and the Loot Pins Sylvanas. I am so obsessed with this right now. If you fancy checking out some of my other Loot Crate inspired nails then pop here to see them, I’ve been going through them myself and they are definitely some of my favourite mani’s,

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “For The Horde! Nails inspired by Loot Pins!

  1. I would love to get my mom a stamping plate like this! She is an avid WoW player and loves doing nails. Do you know how I would go about getting something like this for her?!

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