Loot Crate: Anti-Hero

This month’s Loot Crate theme is Anti-Hero, celebrating some of our favourite unconventional protagonists.
What do you think of my new watermark? I’ve had problems with people taking and using my Loot Crate photos so I decided to make a more obvious and hard to remove watermark. I haven’t decided if I want to use it on my nails too but we’ll see.
Let’s move onto this month’s goodies. It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me this month but still a pretty great box product wise.

EXCLUSIVE Hellboy Coin Bank (Zak Designs)
‘Would you try and steal from Hellboy? Of course not! The Right Hand of Doom will keep your change safe or just look good on your desk or shelf. Our curators strive to find new products you’ve never seen before and this was designed specially for our Looters’
This is pretty friggin awesome but I’ll be honest, I kind of like the one on the box better. It’s a great shelf space filler and will protect your monies like a boss.

EXCLUSIVE Kill Bill Socks (Loot Crate Labs)
‘Replicate The Bride’s killer style without having to fight anyone to death. We love all things Tarantino, so Loot Crate designed these outrageous socks as an homage to the beautiful Beatrix, one of our favourites anti-heroes.’
I’m always happy to receive nerdy socks, I am not a Kill Bill fan though, but that won’t stop me wearing these. What I think is awesome, is the fact that on the bottom of these socks it says ‘Loot’ on the bottom of each sock, in keeping with the design of the socks.

EXCLUSIVE Harley Quinn Q-Fig (QMx)
‘Harley’s had a lot of looks the last few years but the classic never goes out of style. With this figure designed exclusively for Loot Crate and it’s Looters by Quantum Mechanix, Ms. Quinn is rocking her original suit with one of her pet hyenas (it may be Bud, it may be Lou, we’re not 100% sure). How could we not want it?!’
Gah! I love this, I love the Q-figs, this is our 4th one from Loot Crate and I think they’re awesome, plus, it’s always nice to see Harley in her classic get up.

EXCLUSIVE Archer T-shirt (Ripple Junction)
‘Kenny Loggins can only serve for so long so declare your support for the next President of Danger Zone with this tee! With the elections and presidential conventions on everyone’s minds, we thought it appropriate for our first Archer items.’
I love Archer! And I mean LOVE Archer!!! This is a pretty cool tee and good quality as always. The print is the kind that after a lot of washes, will look kind of vintage and worn, which will be cool. Archer is not the President we all want, he’s the President we all need!

World of Warcraft Sylvanas Pin 
THIS PIN IS AMAZING! FRACKIN AMAZING!!! Now that I have that out of the way, this pin is official Blizzard and you know I have severe love for Blizzard. This is definitely my favourite of all the Loot Pins I have ever received, it’s looks fantastic. We also got some WoW digital goodies but annoyingly, the 30day sub is only for new account 🙁

The crate itself transforms into Harley’s hammer  and is pretty cool. I thought the handle would be really flimsy but it’s proper sturdy. A good box with a every item an exclusive but dat badge doh!
If this month’s crate has convinced you that you need to sign up, you can do it here and get $5 off your first month!
Stay awesome weirdos!

Author: Chrissie

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