Geek Fuel September 2016

Ok, September’s Geek Fuel was pretty awesome but the first thing I’d like to note, is that there was no pin. Based on what it said on the info card in last month’s Geek Fuel, it sounded like the pins were going to be a regular thing, I guess not though, Cue disappointment from a 10 year old who also assumed the same thing. But let’s have a look at what was in this month’s box.

Blacksea Odyssey STEAM Game
‘Once a decade, the greatest huntsmen in the universe gather to compete in a legendary tournament known as the Blacksea Odyssey.’
The game code was printed on the box and in the box was…

EXCLUSIVE Blacksea Odyssey Sticky Star
‘While we can’t count the number of times we’ve wanted to swing a hook and capture a little bit of evil, it turns out that’s highly illegal. Second best is this weapon of the sticky sort!
This feels gross and it has already had to be rescued from the ceiling numerous times, not for a few days though so you know it is likely mashed into the carpet somewhere in his room.
EXCLUSIVE X-Men Apocalypse T-Shirt
‘We’ve harnessed the power of the most capable mutants from the X-Men: Apocalypse film to give you this exclusive, licensed tee.  Join the team and rock your favourite mutants.’
I think this is an awesome tee, Kian just meh’d. I think I’ve lost him when it comes to superheroes and this makes my heart sad, luckily, as his mother, I am still entitled to make him pretend he likes it. hehe.

EXCLUSIVE Mallet of Mischief

‘So you wanna break some things, eh? Harley’s signature smasher is ready to take on everything under the sun (or darkness of night) with only half the harm.’
This was gone before I could even get it out of the packet. It’s an inflatable replica of Harley’s hammer, it’s pretty cool, I did manage to grab it for a few, comical moments, where I lovingly bopped Kian in the face with it and it bounced right back and hit me in the face because of the way I was holding it. That’s them fun times right there.

Geek Fuel Sticker
There’s nothing about this on the info card so I think this was just a little extra.

EXCLUSIVE Classic Cutting Board

‘Keep it classic in the kitchen with this retro cartridge cutting board, perfect for chopping veggies like a Ninja Gaiden!’

I was most excited about this. Because it is a kitchen item, we claim it, also mainly because Kian likes to throw things and so handing him a block of wood, probably not the best idea. It measure about 7 inches by 8 inches, so it’s not a great size but it does look awesome in our kitchen. 

EXCLUSIVE DC Colouring Posters

‘Ever wish you were a comic book illustrator? Now you can bring that dream to life with these exclusive DC Universe colouring posters of 4 of the most important covers ever. You get none of the stressful deadlines and all the fun!’
Kian is just getting into his colouring stage and he was super excited to get these. He doesn’t quite appreciate the cover art as much as I do but once he has coloured them in, then we can get them hung up. I didn’t get the chance to measure before he grabbed them but I would say that they are around an A3 size, so they are good sized posters.
All in all, both myself and Kian are pretty happy with this month;s Geek Fuel and I am really looking forward to seeing the exclusive Firefly item this month. If you fancy signing up and getting $3 off your first month, go here: and give it a go.

Author: Chrissie

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