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The September theme for Loot Gaming was Battleground, celebrating fierce conflicts, epic fields of war and larger-than-life- heroes. There are some great items int his month’s crate so lets jump right in.

The info sheet doubles up as a pretty cool poster, which did make getting the info typed up in this post and in my small space, a little difficult but this is sort of close to what I’ve been hoping they would do with the cover art from Loot Crate, posters and prints with the monthly artwork is a must.
Battleground Coin Pin
‘The world is a dangerous place. The Battleground coin pin commemorates the fallen and the heroes who carry on!’
This pin is badass, love the design and I love the way it stands out from the actual pin. 
Dead Rising Multi-Tool

‘The Dead Rising franchise is an open world survival horror game created by the acclaimed Keiji Inafune. The battlegrounds of this series are urban ones created by necessity due to a zombie outbreak. One of the fun aspects of the game is inventing new weapons and finding new ways to kill zombies. So we thought a multi-tool would be the perfect way to capture that ingenuity in the real world! Also, it would probably be super helpful to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse.’
Ok, this, in my opinion is the best item in the crate. It’s practical, it’s sturdy and it’s nerdy, what could be better? It has pliers, a nail file, a bottle opener, 2 other little bits that I am not sure what they are (all non blade tools), and a torch, pretty handy. and it comes in a little pouch. Even better, it has Frank West’s name on it. Who’s happy that Frank is back in DR4? And who is pissed that he has a different voice? 
Fallout Vault Boy Collage Tee
Fallout is a post-apocalyptic RPG franchise known for atompunk aesthetic.Various factions war for supremacy in the shambles of what’s left in America, and only the main character can help decide the fate of the ruined world. The Vault Boy is a well-known figure used to explain everything from nuclear safety tips to level up perks. This t-shirt combines the many different faces of this cheerful lad.’
This is a fantastic t-shirt. The actual t-shirt quality is great, as is the print quality, not to mention that the print covers a huge amount of the tee front.
Battlezone Shot Glasses
‘Battlezone is considered one of the first virtual reality arcade games, so it’s pretty awesome that it got a remake during this current time of leaps and bounds in VR technology. Players control a tank on the field of battle, avoiding missiles and other tanks while wrecking shop. These two shot glasses feature the “Game Over” and map screens from the original Battlezone.’
These are pretty cool. Some of the bits of print on mine look like they were smeared before being set, where a corner or two are not where they should be and are over on the other side of the glass just on their own. But they are still pretty cool and are good for either display or for use. Shot of milk anyone? Man, I miss booze.
Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame #1 Comic
‘Dark Souls is know for it’s brutal combat and punishing difficulty. The third-person RPG takes place in an intriguing world, but very little has been explicitly revealed about the plot, which made us overjoyed to get our hands on the Legends of the Flame comic. Our edition features an exclusive Loot Gaming cover and a 4-page feature showcasing Alan Quah’s phenomenal Dark Souls concept art, offering Loot Gaming readers a more detailed window into his artistic process.’
Do I even need to explain how awesome this is? No? Didn’t think so! Dark Souls is one of those games that is absolute nails and yet we still go back time and time again. It’s a fantastic game and this is sure to be awesome too. Plus, variant covers are great.
Gears of War Classic Lancer Replica
‘Gears of War is a third-person shooter franchise about humanity’s fight for survival against the Locust Horde and Lambents. The Lancer, a gun used in the game, is so iconic that it is almost it’s own character, so there was no question that we needed a replica for the Battleground crate. Because come on: nothing’s cooler than having a chainsaw on a machine gun.’
When I saw the box, a little part or me squee’d and hoped that it was going to be a set of Cogs, so I was initially a little disappointed at first but this replica is pretty awesome. It measures about 4.5 inches and has it’s own little stand and it looks good. Now where to put it!
The Battleground crate is definitely an example of a good one and the October Rumble theme containing items from Overwatch, Zelda, Sonic and more, it’s sure to be another good one. If you fancy signing up for that one, you still have time, pop over here http://looted.by/eomSX and get $5 off your first month.
Just a side note, I have just noticed this month that Loot Gaming is now £29 something including postage a month, which is crazy. That’s an fairly substantial rise since bloody Brexit. Luckily, we haven’t been charged for any customs or anything yet but with a rise in Loot Crate, Loot Gaming, Loot for Her and Geek Fuel, I’m not sure how long we can keep up with these price. I am really hoping that the pound comes back strong and settles.
Anyway, have an awesome weekend you nerdy, lovely weirdos.

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