Hidden Spooky Graveyard Nail Art

I’ve got two posts going up today because I’m a little more behind than I thought I was and with 3 glowy mani’s for Halloween, to show before Halloween is over, well, this is how I’m going to have to do it. So this morning is ‘Hidden Spooky Graveyard, then another post around tea time and then another tomorrow.
This one is a little closer to a nail fail than I would have liked it, mainly because the stamping plates I was using, which I purchased from AliExpress, would not pick up, like reeeealllly would not pick up. I got so frustrated and just had to work with the best I could get.
This is the kind of fun Halloween mani you could wear to work if you have to wear muted nails. While you can see something over the black in the photo, it’s actually quite hard to see in real life, especially if it is someone else just casually seeing your nails.

Then in the dark, you get (what would stamp) my spooky graveyard with trees, gravestones, zombie hands and spooky caretakers house.
The thumb was my favourite, as often is, I wonder if it’s because it’s a slightly larger canvas.
To get this look, I used Barry M Black as a base, then sponged on a couple of layers of Wikkid Polish Green Glow, then I stamped over Green Glow using the shitty Aliexpress plates and Moyou Black Knight, then I topped it all with Seche. To achieve the perfectly glowy photos, I charged the polish using a UV torch.
You can check out the swatch photos of the Wikkid Polish Glow Topcoats here.
What are you wearing on your nails for Halloween?

Author: Chrissie

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