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The lovely Sarah AKA ManiGranny AKA Wikkid Polish kindly sent me three of her new polishes to swatch, glow in the dark topcoats, you know I love me some glow, so I was super happy to receive these and let me tell you now, before we even go into the swatches, they are lush!
In the bottle they look really cloudy but on the nail, you can barely, BARELY, tell they are there, well, at least until it gets dark. Photos show one coat over a corresponding colour and then topped with topcoat. I charged each of these with a UV torch before the photos (which I do recommend for the brightest glow) but these can be charged by any bright light. It’s photo heavy so click the jump!

Blue Glow
So this is one coat of Blue Glow over Barry M Damson and if you look closely, you can just about see the glow ‘granules’ but the topcoat hasn’t altered the colour of the base polish at all.
Here is Blue Glow in the dark. The bottle glows amazingly bright with the nails looking dull in comparison. 
The Blue Glow is a beautiful, icy blue. I found this to be the strongest of the the 3 glows. 
Green Glow
This is one coat of Green Glow over Barry M Green Berry and again, you can only just see the ‘granules’ and no change in the colour of the base polish.

For some reason, Green Glow kept photographing as blue, so the amount of photos I managed to get with it showing as green were very limited for me to choose from and I had to colour correct a little. These were the most accurate I can get but it is a bit more green green in real life.

This one is more close to your traditional glow in the dark topcoats but is so much better in formula.
Yellow Glow
I can never resist a good yellow mani, this is one coat of Yellow Glow over Barry M On Your Marks and you can’t tell I have the glow topcoat on at all. 

I found this one to be least bright of all three when glowing but, it’s also my favourite!

Without the bottle hogging the limelight (hahaha), Yellow Glow really shines. It shows a bit more green here than it does in real life but it’s so pretty and the glow ‘granules’ seem a bit more compacted in this one.
Sarah has done a fantastic job with these, the formula is great and they dry fast and to a lovely smooth finish, I have never had a glow polish that dried completely smooth, all the previous ones I had tried were always ever-so-slightly grainy but these are smooth. I added topcoat out of habit and that made no difference to the strength of the glow. I also don’t think that the glow is affected by the base polish shade, as the darkest base I used was Damson and that was the brightest, with the lightest base being On Your Marks and that that one glowed the dullest of all 3. And they glow for days (diminishing in glow as they go).
These topcoats are a must have for those who love glows and for those who are great at incorporating glows into nail art. I have some fun, simple nail art using them coming up tomorrow and Monday so keep an eye out. Oh, and don’t forget, if you have glows or you buy glows, they need to be stored away in a nice dark place to keep them their glowiest.
These are £4.50 each for a 10ml bottle.
Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook
Hope you are having an awesome Halloween weekend so far.

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