Loot Wear: Speed

Like the core crate, the September Loot Wear had the SPEED theme too. I have probably mentioned this before but the way Loot Crate announces things now is spoilerific and it kind of annoys me, I mean, I want to be surprised, I want to have the tiniest bit of info about the item so that when I open it up, I’m like genuinely surprised and happy! As it is, there is just no surprise and we knew this month that the item would be an Arcee item and then we knew it would be some bed shorts. When they first announced it was going to be an Arcee item, I of course, had hope, that it would be some awesome, armour like leggings. I would have died. I am always hoping for leggings and I keep saying it but I am forever hoping and waiting for a Loot Wear leggings sub, I neeeeeeeed it! Yes, I could not read the emails but who agrees that mystery subs should be a mystery?

Anyway, these shorts a pretty good quality, have a drawstring waist and a nice quality print. 
Next month’s theme is Horror and they have already revealed that it will be an Edward Scissorhands Raglan. Yes, I did have to google what a raglan is, I’m pretty sure it’s a long sleeved top, not 100% still but if I’m right then that should be pretty cool.
If you fancy signing up, you can do that here http://looted.by/eomSX and get $5 off your first month.

Author: Chrissie

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