Stark Motor Racing Nails

For this month’s ‘Inspired by Loot Crate’ nails I have gone for Stark Motor Racing based on the t-shirt from the September crate. The t-shirt really did save the crate for me and so it had to be this that I based my mani on. Ok, so it’s no Sylvanas mani but I still think it’s cute, plus, nerdy is always a bonus and it gave me a chance to practice my freehand lettering again, which has improved slightly…

…but I also smeared it afterwards so it doesn’t look as good as it did at first. Tiny lettering is still freakin’ impossible (how do you lovelies do it?) hence the orange squiggles underneath, that on the t-shirt say ‘motor racing’.

Considering the whole thing was freehand, I’m pretty chuffed with it though and Team Stark forever!!! 
Polishes used: OPI Nail Envy (Base)
Nails Inc Black Magic 
Barry M Cotton
Barry M Mango
Barry M Damson
Seche Vite
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Author: Chrissie

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