Geek Fuel October 2016

The October Geek Fuel was pretty good, there was one item that was awesome that made me jealous and there was one item that we had to take out. Lets jump in straight away to have a look.

EXCLUSIVE Doc of the Dead Gummy Brains
‘Sure, eating brains seems like something only zombies should do, but we like to break the rules every now and then. Luckily, these won’t turn you into the undead.’
You know that these were a winner for Kian. Sweets will never be a disappointment to him. The box arrived around Halloween and on Halloween, I managed to convince him that these were mice brains, and at first, he was really convinced of it and still ate one, but he eventually realised I was only joking. I’m such a good Mum!
EXCLUSIVE Luckslinger Lucky Dice
‘Are you feeling lucky? Skip the sevens and try for snake eyes with these exclusive, limited edition dice. Perfect for playing a round against the curb or adding to your extensive analog gaming collection!’
Luckslinger Downloadable STEAM Game
‘There are times in life when you can actually collect luck and save it for later. Try your hand at this awesome Spaghetti Western/ hip-hop mash-up game and see where luck takes you.’
Kian is just starting to join us in our love for tabletop gaming and now he feels like he is starting to collect his own set of dice just like us, so these sort of things are good. And the STEAM game is a nice addition to his growing collection.
Horror Collectible: Friday 13th Jason Voorhees Figure
‘One of Five: We’re getting our haunt on with a full lineup of slasher characters from all of our favourite scary movies.’
Ok, so Kian doesn’t know who Jason is but he has seen our Alien figure from the same range and knows that it is a collectible so decided not to open, *eyes well up* that’s my boy!

EXCLUSIVE Dragon Egg Toothbrush Holder and Storage Kit
‘The interchangeable lid means you can easily hide away a baby dragon (with breathing holes), store your small goods, or display your tooth-scrubbers like the raddest of mothers.’
This is the item we had to remove. It is made from ceramic and Kian throws things around his room and the bathroom, even worse so when he is angry, so ceramic in those rooms is not a good idea. I might use it on my desk to store cotton pads or something.
EXCLUSIVE Firefly T-Shirt
‘What can the Browncoats do for you? They’ll deliver nothing but the finest in smuggled good and stolen cargo, of course! When you’re living outside the lines of the Alliance, you can trust Serenity to get you everything you miss from the Earth-that-was.’
This is obviously the item that I was jealous of, it is an awesome t-shirt, trust me, I tried to get it on in the hopes that it would fit me but no go, I could probably fit one boob in there and Kian doesn’t fully appreciate what he’s got. I can’t wait for the day I introduce him to Firefly.
So what did you think of the October Geek Fuel? If you fancy signing up in time for the next one, pop here: there is currently an offer for a bonus item with every new subscription.

Author: Chrissie

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