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I first got to know Stigu around this time last year when I was lucky enough to be sent the 2016 planner and if anything worked hard to keep me organised and sane this year, it was that planner. Well, I was lucky enough again to be sent the 2017 Stigu planner and I am so happy that I will have Stigu by my side again next year.
The basic structure of the planner is the same as last year, with a ring bound thick ‘paperback’ about the size of a Gen 1 Ipad, one double page per week on thick pages, packed full of health and wellness tips and the little tear off corners on each page to help you keep track of and easily jump to, the week that you are on.

But there are new things too and the first one you’ll see is the ‘My 2017 Goals’ page. My main goal for 2017 is to try and get my body and mind stronger. I hope to lose a bunch of weight and to start build muscle mass, especially in my legs and for my mind, I hope to reduce my daily anxieties and to try and reduce the amount that my MS and my potential future (or lack there of) bothers me. 

There is still the good sized double page year planner but not just for 2017, there is also a 2018 double page planner at the back.

Each week has a small quote somewhere on the page which can be uplifting or thought provoking or even just a little tidbit of info.
Like this Tea related one that I thought was absolutely perfect for us Brits, another good reason to drink tea! 

This year, there are some new patterns on the pages, like these pretty stars and flowers, with each day still having plenty of space to write down and properly organise your daily activities, not forgetting the all important relax moments.
With Stigu popping up every now and then to give you a good bit of advice on the opposite page, reminding you to relax, breathe and take care of yourself…

… or sometimes just telling you something cool, like how to make ice tea! 

Or even just to make something fun and fancy. How else would we know how to make a fancy napkin bow? 
At the back, there is this handy little pocket, which has saved so many of my hospitals letters from certain disappearance. I’ve currently got about 25 of them slotted in there and the pocket is holding up well, with no signs of ripping. Yes, I know I should empty things out more often, I told you, I’m terribly disorganised.
I still think that this planner is fantastic for bloggers and spoonies alike! 
The spiral bound is £16.90  and comes in 2 different designs, but they have also released a Hard Cover Planner (£21.90), a Hard Cover Notebook (£12.90), a To-Do Pad (£5), Planner Stickers (£6.90) which I am definitely buying, and a Stigu To-Do App if you prefer to have your to-do list on your phone! There are also bundles available that give you 20% off, so have a look round the store!
What do you think of the Stick to Stigu planner? If you are a stressed out juggler, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Author: Chrissie

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