Loot Pets: Horror

Loot Pets this month was Horror themed and had some pretty awesome items in it. Let’s jump straight in and have a look at them!

EXCLUSIVE Spooky Snacks Dog Treats (Loving Pets)
‘They won’t haunt your (dog) house, and they’re so good it’s a little bit scary! These ghost-shaped, tasty turkey treats are just what your dog needs to muster up the courage to face their most fearsome foes.’
Kylo has really been enjoying these treats so far. In my opinion, they are sooooo smelly but she seems to prefer these to the last few months so that’s good.
EXCLUSIVE Gremlins Pet Food Mat (The Coop)
‘Let’s face it: sometimes your little monster can be a messy eater and, well, cleaning that up can be a real horror story. But don’t worry, now you’ve got this Gremlins Pet Food Mat! Just remember not to feed your Mogwai after midnight.’
Yes! This type of item is the reason we signed up to Loot Pets in the first place and I am so glad to see practical items making their way back into the crate. This is a good quality, polyurethane mat with lots of little grip dots on the bottom, and bonus, it’s machine washable. It’s big enough that it could easily fit huge bowls for our larger furry friends. 
Exclusive The Walking Dead Negan Sluggers Pet Tee (AMC)
‘Negan and The Saviors aren’t as nice as their name implies, but it’s definitely better to be on their team then… the other thing. Take on walkers (not walkies) in style with this pet shirt design that complements the Loot Crate human tee!’
This is a cool t-shirt and matches the human tee (minus Negan’s face).
Here is Kylo wearing it while checking for walkers. It fits her really well and has enough space around the front of her shoulders. Now we are getting into the colder months, not that I can feel it, Kylo will likely start wearing her t-shirts more often.
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Plush Toy (The Coop)
‘Get ready to chew on another zoinks-filled adventure with the Mystery Inc. gang! Your pup can take a bite out of creepy, masked crime just like Scooby Doo with this perfectly groovy plush.’

This is another toy that Kylo feel in love with immediately and she is still playing with it and carrying it everywhere. The squeaker in this one is great for pawrents because it’s quieter than usual squeakers and so it’s not such an auditory strain if furbabies are constantly squeaking it for 3 hours straight. Unfortunately, I don’t think this one is going to last very long, much like the Harley Quinn hammer toy, the stitches have started fraying already. 
EXCLUSIVE Halloween Pet Charm
‘This downright chilling charm from 70s horror classic Halloween matches this month’s Loot Crate Pin!’
So, like the pin, this month’s collar charm is not my favourite.

We’ve got 2 photos of Kylo wearing the pin this month and you’ll see why. She looks so stoked to be wearing this charm in this photo and I love it.

Then there is this photo. I’ve worked out that the sports setting on my camera is the best one for capturing Kylo without a crap ton of blur and it captures moments like this and the one above. 
Overall this was a pretty awesome month for Kylo’s crate and I am so happy to see practical items making their way back into Loot Pets, I really hope they continue putting them in there.
What do you think of this month? If you fancy signing up pop here: http://looted.by/dQYKx and you can get $5 off your first month.
For those of you who don’t follow me on social media and are in need of some extra adorable, here is Kylo in her Halloween costume.
She’s gonna bust some ghosts!

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