Goodbye 2016

photo by me!

Let’s admit it, 2016 has been an absolute dick of a year for most of us, this has truly been the darkest timeline, it even doubled down and took a few more people from the world right at the end, but we can definitely pull back from it and lets face it, if something isn’t hard, then it’s just not worth doing.

In February/March of this year I had my worst relapse so far and that scary time meant that the rest of the year has been a tough and scary climb up a bastard of a hill, I fought criticism, non working body parts, depression and anxiety, chronic and agonising pain, insomnia, memory issues, self doubt and let me tell you now, I had some super dark moments but I have done my best to remain positive moving on and I can say that I have emerged through the other side of 2016 ready to fight anything else that comes my way. 
Of course, some good things have happened this year, I became a Nerd Makeup Ambassador for Espionage Cosmetics and lost all my squee over it, I have gained some new and pretty amazing followers and I have forged some pretty fantastic internet friendships, I fought and won when they claimed I wasn’t sick and I started on some meds that will hopefully help me, hopefully! We’ve now had Kylo just over a year and she has settled in well and become a huge part of our lives and hearts. But most of all, my little family has started to move towards a happier family unit with understanding of MS and Aspergers with a collective strength.
I did some fun mani’s in 2016 and here I have narrowed it down to 9, which ones from this year were your favourite? I also gained some awesome nerdy stuffs this year, if you want to keep up with stuff I get next year then follow me on Instagram, my username is @Plus10Kapow 
For 2017, I am not making resolutions because I just never stick to them, instead, I have made promises to myself and future Chrissie that I am going to bust my ass to eat healthy (Keto, which I started a few months ago but stupidly broke for Christmas, I’m weak!), to lose weight (for health reasons) and get fit so that MS is all I have to fight and I will have all the weapons to do so. I’m also hoping to game more and read more. I hope you will all continue to join me for this journey and I promise to always fight as long as you do!
Happy new year, you beautiful weirdos,

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