Espionage Cosmetics Power Up Nail Wraps

I hope you all had a good Christmas/ Holiday, I wore these awesome Espionage Cosmetics Power Up nail wraps over Christmas because I got pretty sick with a stomach bug or something on the 23rd and it just got worse over the following days, so I wanted something pretty but with minimum thought process and these more than did their job.

I would definitely like to think that I am getting better at applying these and I got the Barry M Plumpy topcoat which is not quick dry so I minimised the shrinkage on them, still need to get the hang of getting rid of the excess though, I get what looks like tip wear immediately.

I love the design of these wraps though, they are so bright and so cutesy but awesome and gamerly too. The little stars all over them have golden glitter in them to add a bit of extra sparkle.
These wraps are still available but are currently low stock so could go at any moment and there are still a good bunch of stuff on sale over there to make way for awesome new things in 2017 so don’t forget to check it all out and you can use my code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off your order if it’s over $25 (as long as you haven’t used the code before) and don’t forget that you can also use the code BBKAPOWNX to get $3 off any new BOOM!Box or Nexus subscription.
I am currently trying to recover from the horrible news about Carrie Fisher and I am hoping to do some Princess Leia nails at some point, she was such a legend and an inspiration to so many people for many different things and she will be missed. 2016, you have been a bitch, stop trying to take more before you end.

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