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I’m feeling pretty festive today and I wanted to use some of the beautiful Wikkid Polish flakies I have but also make it Christmassy. I used Barry m Black Forest, then one coat of Wikkid Polish What the Flake, then I used the string lights stamp from the Uberchic Christmas 01 plate and reverse stamped using several different polishes from Serum No 5 and Wikkid Polish…

…to make them do this! I wanted them to be barely visible on the ‘tree’ throughout the day and then bright and pretty at night, and I pretty much think I nailed it. I do wish that I had more colours of glow-in-the-darks but I think it worked pretty well.

Because I haven’t showed of this polish on it’s own yet, i thought I would add in the swatch photos of it so you can see just how pretty it is. All the Wikkid Polish flakies have awesome colour shifts but I can never seem to pick it up on the nail so check out this shift in the bottle, it goes from green to blue to purple to gold. 

This is one coat of What the Flake over two coats of Barry M Black Forest and topped with one coat of Seche, so pretty.
With all the festivities happening, my fatigue has been getting pretty bad so I may not get to do many, if any more Christmas nails, I hope I can though,
What are you going to be wearing on your nails for Christmas Day?

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Nails

    1. Absolutely nothing wrong with getting a bit of wear out of a good, favourite polish. Also nothin wrong with being a little lazy every now and then haha.

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