Textured Snowy Nails

Ok, so technically these are a remake of my Winter Wonderland nails from when I swatched originally swatched KBShimmer White Her, White Now in 2014 but, I wanted to see how good they looked on my now strong and long nails and with proper trees, plus they are so Christmassy and I am wishing for snow this year, it’s been so long.
I love White Here, White Now at this time of year because it is the perfect snow polish, it looks great and the wear you can get out of it is amazing. On the middle nails I stamped the trees over Nail Envy, then used one coat of Barry M Diamond Glitter and One coat of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, topped with Seche then I added the snow piles at the bottom so they were textured too. I love how Barry M Diamond looks, the glitters look matte white most of the time but then when the light hits them in just the right way the holo pops out and makes it look so pretty!
The only downside there is to this mani is that removal is a beast of a chore but it’s Christmas week and I am so excited, who else is excited? Only 6 days to go and Santa’s coming!!!

Author: Chrissie

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