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The November Loot Gaming theme was ‘Mythic’, a celebration of those who fight ancient battles against creatures of legend. All the items in this crate were exclusive items and it was a pretty good crate tbh, lets see why. I do quite like the fact that the art is a poster print now, I have been asking for this for years on Loot Crate but still to no avail but good to see it in one of the crates.

Dragon Age: Origins Sacred Morrigan Figure
‘The Dragon Age series was heralded as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, a beloved fantasy RPG. Known for its dark storylines, incredible world-building and engrossing characters, Dragon Age has plenty of might beasts to defeat. But it’s dangerous to fight dragons alone, so take this Morrigan figure! Morrigan is a one-time party member and advisor throughout the Dragon Age series.’
I still can’t quite bring myself to like this sort of Titans vinyl figures, I have no idea why but there it is. The figure is a pretty standard vinyl, 4.5 inches in height and features the Morrigan’s outfit for the Dragon Age: Origins Sacred Ashes trailer, oh and the blue fireball thingy to go in her hand.
Okamiden Figure
‘Okami is an amazing action-adventure game following the exploits of Amaterasu, know as Ammy, in her form as a great white wolf as she attempts to save Nippon from a dark evil. The game uses a unique calligraphy mechanic to allow the player to defeat monsters and demons as well as bring light and joy to the world of Nippon. This little guy is Chibiterasu, Ammy’s puppy.’
This is a beautiful little figure that I could not get a decent photo of but we love it and it is currently sat beside the tv.
Castlevania Letter Opener
‘The Castlevania series focuses on one of our most intriguing modern mythical figures: Dracula! Castlevania games are dark fantasy themed action-adventure games that have influenced hundreds of modern games. The franchise revolves around the Belmont family, a clan of vampire hunters. One of the coolest weapons in the game is the Void Sword. We couldn’t fit the whole sword in the crate, so we opted for this replica letter opener instead!’
Oh man this is awesome, this really made the crate for me, it’s jut lush. It comes in a tin with a plastic insert ( I do wish it was velvet or something) which the sword sits in. The tin has some fantastic artwork and the sword is pretty detailed. This would be a cool thing to have on your desk if you are some kind of executive or something, sadly I’m not so I’ll just keep it by the front door to open letters and as an emergency eye stabber in a zombie apocalypse!

Assassin’s Creed Jackdaw Crest Tee
‘Known for high-flying adventure and sneaky assassinations, the Assassin’s Creed series spans video games, comics and now, even a live-action movie! Each story focuses on an Assassin who must learn from his or her past to awaken the skills needed to take on the Templars. Along the way, myths come to life in the form of mysterious artifacts. We love this image of the Jackdaw, representing the ship in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, overlaying the crest of the Assassins.’
As you all know, the Loot Gaming sub is Jim’s but he doesn’t like long sleeved tops, so yay for me, I get to own this know, I suppose it’s a good trade though because he got the Loot Wear Kingdom Hearts scarf. This top is super comfy and it is warm without the fabric being too thick so you could get away with wearing this during most seasons, although probably not summer. This is a men’s XL and it comes down to my mid thigh and the sleeves are only slightly too long for me, the shoulders don’t stick up like most men’s shirts on me, I love it.

Mythic Coin Pin
‘Celebrate your mighty victories against monstrous foes with this MYTHIC coin pin, featuring a majestic golden griffin. Can you decipher this ancient text?’
In love with this pin too, it’s definitely one of my favourites from the Loot Gaming pins. It looks like a wax seal stamp and had the image of a griffin on it with the words ‘Fabula Sunt Verum‘ which I am fairly certain, from my googling skills (I don’t speak Latin although I wish I could), means ‘The true story‘ Shame I can’t keep it. 
What did you think of the November Loot Gaming? If this has made you want to sign up, you can pop over here and get $5 off your first month!
Yay, I’m caught up again, until next month probably! I’m going to vow to try and better manage my blogging in 2017, to try and get things up asap, whilst still avoiding spoilering it for people of course. I’m not making any resolutions this year but I am making vows to myself to better improve my health, which I have already started on and to just generally be happier and less anxious.

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