‘I Rebel’ Nails

I think Star Wars is my most ‘nailed’ fandom, I have done quite a few of them in the past. Last year, when The Force Awakens was released I did 5 days of Star Wars nails but for Rogue One I have done one simple mani, ‘I Rebel!’ I am super excited to see the film but I know full well I’ll have to wait until the blu-ray comes out, which I am kind of cool with but by then I will know everything about it.

I used a base of Barry M Black Forest, I freehanded on my thumb using Born Pretty Store Gold stamping polish and stamped the Rebel symbol from MyOnlineShop MJXLII using the same gold stamping polish. I think that is my best freehand writing on my nail ever, I am very impressed with it, my right hand thumb turned out almost as good too.

For the finished mani, and how I have been wearing it, I added a coat of Barry M Matte Topcoat. I adore how the Rebel symbol looks here, the writing looks a bit messier when matte but when looking at it normally and not right up close it still looks passable.
Are you going to see Rogue One? What are you going to wear on your nails for it? Click here to see all my other Star Wars nail art!

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