Loot Pets: Magical

The November theme for Loot Pets was ‘Magical’ alongside the core Loot Crate and this month it was puptacular!!! Lets get straight into it to see what we got.

Lord of the Rings Collar (The Coop)
‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to leash them! Keep your precious pup harnessed with this adjustable, golden collar, printed with the Tengwar writing seen on Sauron’s One Ring in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings!’
Yas!!! This is exactly the type of item I am always hoping for, and I am so glad that Loot Crate seem to be keeping the format of having one practical item in Loot Pets. This collar is good and so far seems sturdy, although we don’t hook her lead onto her collar so it doesn’t need to be that sturdy, but the collar is definitely something I would buy anyway. 
EXCLUSIVE Doctor Strange Pet Charm
‘Keep your eye (of Agamotto) on your dog with this month’s Doctor Strange charm that matches the pin in Loot Crate DX’
I am not overly impressed with this charm, i think it would have been much better if they had done a charm to match the collar, but it is nice to see them matching stuff from Loot Pets to other crates.
And here is my beautiful girl in the collar and charm.

EXCLUSIVE Wizard Wand Treats (Loving Pets)
‘Fight back against foul forces of bad breath with these powerful dental wands! They’ll cast the perfect spell to hold back the smell- plus they’re enchantingly delicious.’
Kylo loved these treats, she is a big fan of the mint/fresh Dentastix and these look just like them, although these did smell a lot mintier than the Dentastix.

EXCLUSIVE Doctor Strange Ugly Holiday Pet Tee (Marvel)
‘Help your dog look downright magical at your next festive gathering with this supremely stylish Doctor Strange shirt that matches this month’s Loot Wear tee and is designed to look like an ugly holiday sweater.’
Gah! This is so cute. We now all have ugly Christmas t-shirts and Kylo rocks her Doctor Strange tee. As usual, the tee is a good quality tee with good quality print but it does feel a little on the small side again this month and I am seriously considering upping her t-shirt size again.
EXCLUSIVE Steven Universe Cookie Cat Plush Toy (PrideBites)
‘Does your dog need a break from guarding the universe? Playing with your food can be a lot of fun and, while it isn’t as tasty as the real thing, this Cookie Cat plush toy is modeled after the ice cream sandwiches in Steven Universe.’
As you can see, this town was a good addition to Kylo’s toy pile, she is still playing with and she throws it like a frisbee, she’s really good at that. It had 2 squeakers, one in each eye, she killed those both within an hour of having the toy but overall, the toy is still going strong and she is still interested in it even without the squeakers.
I am really happy with the November Loot Pets, it was a good range of products, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by Kylo, I am quite pleased that not all of the products were matched with the core crate and I am really hoping that they just stick with this format for the crate from now on.
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