Geek Fuel November 2016

I feel like I am running super late getting all the subs up on the blog, I’ve already had a tracking email for the December Loot Pets and I haven’t posted that yet, time always gets away from me in December, I feel like I am constantly on the go but never moving.
Anywhoooooooo, lets take a look at the November Geek Fuel!

Downloadable STEAM Game: Dandy
‘Deceptively whimsical, Dandy is a permadeath side-scrolling shoot ’em up with stacking power-ups. Every playthrough is different, with reactive enemies that force you to use strategy’
This looks like a fun game and it’s bright so definitely a game that will keep Kian engaged for a little bit.
EXCLUSIVE Licensed GOTG ‘Pair and a Spare’ Socks
‘The Guardians of the Galaxy are here to protect your feet from Yondu and his space pirates… or maybe just from the cold. The extra spare socks means you’ll always have a back up when cruising around the extra-gross parts of the galaxy.’
These are a great idea, 3 socks in one pack, 2 Rocket and one Groot, meaning you can wear matching or mix it up and have the team. Also good for if you lose a sock. Oh, did you see the trailer??? Groot is adorable and Star Lord too!
Plus, this is the box that they came in! I did want to keep it but I’m pretty sure it has become space junk already but I really love when they do awesome packaging for things. Do you remember the ghost trap box that the Slimer tee came in for the July Geek Fuel? Well, I’m using that as a tissue box and it fits so well, it’s awesome.

Licensed Batman and Wonder Woman Mugs
‘Unlike Bruce Wayne, most people have to work day jobs in order to afford grappling hooks, batarangs and superhero caves. Thus, these officially licensed Batman and Wonder Woman coffee mugs make th eperfect vessel to house your favourite caffeinated beverage to keep you alert and ready while planning the evening battles against the adversaries of Gotham.’
I was shocked to see 2 mugs in here, when you get a mug it’s normally a one item thing, not that I’m complaing,  you know I gots love for Batman and Wonder Woman, I have already appropriated the Wonder Woman mug for my brews, no shame! 
They are your standard sized mugs with a wrap around image and the best thing is that they didn’t break on their journey over here.

EXCLUSIVE Licensed Futurama Bender T-Shirt

‘As far as intergalactic futuristic boozing robots go, Bender might be our favourite. this Geek Fuel exclusive t-shirt packs in all the ‘tude of Bender’s humourous quips, without the self loathing and ill temperedness.’
This t-shirt is awesome, who doesn’t love Bender and done in the style of Batman, I love it. No, it doesn’t fit me. Yes, I tried, I tried hard to make it fit, but it just wouldn’t. The t-shirts quality is great, the print quality is great and Ki loves it too.

EXCLUSIVE ‘Temple’ Fuel Epic Enamels Pin
‘Our exclusive Epic Enamels series commemorates Geek Fuel’s mascot and his quests to find and fill our monthly boxes with epic items. This month you get the Temple edition which shows Fuel rocking his adventure hat, trusty whip and bog of… sand? TIP: Look out for 500 rare variant editions which show Fuel holding a priceless artifact.’
THAT’S HOW YOU DO PINS! From now on, that’s how you do pins! I love the pin and I love the packaging, I just love it. So far Kian loves it too and he has kept it in the packaging which makes me happy too, not sure how long for but I’ll take it. I can’t wait to see what pins they do in the future. As you can see, we didn’t get the variant but it’s still awesome.
Overall, I think this was a great month for Geek Fuel and we really loved the items from this one.What did you think of it? If it made you want to sign up in time for the December box then pop over here to sign up now.

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