Espionage Cosmetics Geek Icons Nail Wraps

Eeeeeep, These are the Geek Icons nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics and I am in love with them. My experience with the application went way better than last time and I was finished in max 45 minutes. I had no bits sticking out at the sides. The only bit I still need to master is filing the excess off, I can’t quite get the angle right and I took off a little too much on some nails, any tips for square nails??? 
I also need to get a non quick dry top coat, I got a little bit of shrinkage from the cuticle line even though I went over the edge of the wrap. 

I decided to play around with the photos for these wraps, they have lots of stuff on there that I like but gaming is obviously a major one of them, but I went with tabletop instead of vidya games. Here I am lovingly caressing my pink and purple die set.

Here I am playing Pokemon UNO. I barely trimmed any of the wraps around the sides and cuticles this time and I really wanted this design on my nails somewhere so I popped it on my thumb, I ended up with 2 of this pattern and 2 of the other pattern left over so I can smash them into another mani.

Here they are in action in a game of Netrunner, which I still actually suck at, like proper suck. I much prefer proper board games to LCG’s, which do you prefer?
I’m looking forward to using my next set, the hardest part is choosing which ones. They have a HUGE sale going on at the moment over on Espionage Cosmetics with wraps as low as $2, so pop over now to get all the bargains!!!
Use my codes above to get money off your order, but remember that they can only be used once per customer and can’t be combined with other offers.

Author: Chrissie

2 thoughts on “Espionage Cosmetics Geek Icons Nail Wraps

  1. So cool! Im only just seeing these! Are they like the Sally Hansen or Kiss nail wraps? If they are then I recommend going from the tip of the nail downwards…and not from the side of the nail to the other side…. if this is a bit confusing I could show you what I mean on snapchat!

    1. I'm not sure hun, the only other nail wraps I have used are Born Pretty. All I know is that you don't need any additional adhesive or heat for these and you don't stretch them over the nails. I apply them from the cuticle, down the centre of the nail and then out towards the sides. I think I just suck at it, although I am getting better.

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